February Monthlies!!!

Hello there, Travelers.

Just a head’s up…

I’m starting the February monthlies and will be posting them in the next few days.

I already have the following recorded and ready to upload:

Aquarius, Pisces, Aries and Taurus.

REMEMBER:  THESE ARE GENERAL READINGS and the messages may not resonate with everyone, in which case you may want to look at your Moon and/or Rising sign.

If your sign hasn’t been uploaded yet, please bear with me as the rest are forthcoming.

Until then…




Quick Update

Okay Travelers….

Here’s a quick update.

As you know, I’ve been scheduled for surgery for over a month now and it has been postponed about three times.

When I left you earlier this month, I had received word that the surgery would go through, but then last week, the doctor’s office called saying postponed again, the doctor was out of town, already booked, etc….

Now knowing what I know about Mercury Retrograde, I should’ve guessed that this last surgical date would be a fiasco.  I’ve been super mad, frustrated by the whole thing, but then I started thinking that maybe it’s for the best.

Then, a strange thing happened.  I met a person through a reading I gave, that is a psychic.

I know, I know…most psychics are frauds or only in it for the money, but this one…well...she’s 100% LEGIT and I’ll post up the link to her at the end of this post.  But I digress.

When I asked this person to take a look at my surgery date, she told me there would be a postponement then told me what date it would come through.  And she spoke that it would not be a good time for surgery doing the Merc Rx. She also spoke of a few other things I had questions about…and two more of the things she referenced have come into manifestation…so here I am.

Yes…even card readers need someone to go to for advice…lol

That being said, I will now be able to work more effectively and take more bookings because all of this being on surgical standby was for the birds.

So, get ready….I will be posting February monthlies, soon.

Until then…




Here’s the link to my psychic:

Pacific Blue


If you book with her, tell her Tara from HiddenLotus Tarot sent ya 😉

And that I said Haaayyyy!!!

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