The Open Reading #12

Hello Travelers.

This post is to augment Open Reading #12.  I was profoundly touched by the reading, but it was only after I closed the cards that the true message came to me.  I will do my best to share this with you and need to do so expediently, before the message leaves me.

The message I’m being told to share is this:

There is a time of great change attempting to manifest itself.  The change is one of a completely new way of being, seeing, thinking and doing. Yet, for some of you, this change is bringing up painful challenges or blocks to progress.  You are being tasked to become aware that these challenges and blocks may be past life related and as such, you are unable to consciously get a handle on why things are the way that they are, or why things do not seem to be changing and moving forward.

The way the Universe works is, if you resist the changes, then you block what the Universe is trying to do. This can make you sad, fearful, angry, depressed even physically ill.  These sensations are coming up in an effort to get you to accept the change.  In other words, the sensations are designed to make things seem so “unbearable”, that you will eventually decide to do something to change your circumstances.

It is the principle of Karma. As long as one attempts to stay attached to something, someone, some way of being, it will bring about suffering. It is only when one chooses to release those attachments, that freedom can be manifest. This is easier said than done.

Yet, having the spread end in The Wheel of Fortune is saying, that either you can accept the changes with grace or “fix yourself” upon the Wheel…to either accept your circumstances as they are and try to be “okay” with it. The other interpretation of “fixing yourself upon The Wheel”…remove all expectations of what could, may, might happen and remain firmly fixed on life as it is…Being fully in The Present.

The choices are to either be brave, go with the flow and accept the circumstances as they are or be brave and change the circumstances without fear of the unknown.

Fate is something that one cannot change, i.e. being born male or female, being Black, White or Asian. Destiny is being able to seize opportunities that will change your circumstances. Karma is created through the choices one makes.  The over-riding principle that ties all these things together is Free Will…the ability to make choices either rightly, wrongly or indifferently.

And it is through Free Will that we must either accept our circumstances or choose to change them. But understand that is Free Will that creates our circumstances. Once you have made a choice and once the choice is made, the Karma becomes set.

If you find yourself in a situation similar to  Open Reading #12, know that whatever challenge/block is before you, the following:

  1. Destiny has a hand.  The opportunity may present itself to change your circumstances.
  2. If this is a romantic relationship, consider that there may be a very strong past life link present, and Karma(choices) that were made with that individual in the past life, are now coming to the fore to be worked out.
  3.  Know that if you try to “engage” with this person on the Karmic level, it most likely will not work as one of you are on a much higher vibrational energy than the other.
  4. Know that you cannot help the person, coax the person, pity the person, or wait for the person nor the person help you. In doing these things, you (both) are blocking your own path of moving to the next spiritual/vibrational level.
  5. Know that if the person themselves (or you) is stuck, it is through their/your own Free Will to be so, but mostly likely comes from a place of the past life Karma with each other.
  6. Know that in order to step into your new Karmic cycle, you/they will need to separate the energies from the (each) other person.
  7. Know that in doing this, you (they) are moving with The Wheel, not against it.

I, myself, have just gone through this situation, and am still working on separating the energies.  Once a week, I do an etheric cord scan, and remove those that I find. Twice a month, I go into my Akashic records and see what blocks/restrictions are there.  What I am continually finding in my records surprises me, as it seems that I unable to clear it.  This has thrown me into doubt, as one is supposed to be able to clear all blocks and restrictions. My theory is that the other person has yet to release their energy attached to this “un-clearable” block and thus there is still a strong energetic, psychic connection.

I have spoken to several other people who read Akashic Records and they say that this is not correct.  Yet, I am not one to accept things on face value.  I believe that one can encounter many different scenarios within the Records, so why not the possibility of a “connection” that seems to be irrevocable?  I will tell you that this perplexes me and I continue to try to find a way to break the connection. My guides tell me that is “unbreakable” at this time, and at first I refused to believe it. But over the last year, each time I check, it is still there. I do what I can by going in and “temporarily” clearing it. Hard work, but I do it.

If any of you can identify or at least recognize what I speak of in terms of my situation, then know that your situation may not be something you can get rid of overnight for it did not take overnight for it to come into being.  That there are some things under the Sun for which we have no easy answers or quick fixes. But this does not mean that one cannot change their Karma.  One simply needs to decide what choices should be made and how best to go about making the choice….mostly this last is simply just choosing to make a choice.  Once you make a choice, the rest will become clear.



I do hope this helps in some way…

Until when…







6 thoughts on “The Open Reading #12

  1. This helped so much im going through a family situation now and it keeps coming up no matter how i try to be the fixer the helper. I separated myself from this situation but seemed to be pulled back in. Its the same thing at my job. I try to stay focused but keep finding myself in the same boat over and over again unable to separate myself from the same bull crap. I keep asking myself whats the lesson, what am i not seeing.
    Tara you have been so helpful please continue your work…your awesome

  2. This is speaking to me. I have a one year old son my, who I was in an open relationship with. I found out while pregnant that he had another child on the way (two and mine, three he had in a year). He and I continued to be together. After a while we started to dirft things went the same and he changed. We have been separated for three months now. We had a heated situation and now trying to get things back in order for the sake of our son. I Do still love him as he says he loves me. But I just am not sure where we are headed. I hope this all turns around as your reading did. I thank you for this. It some what gave me hope in a sense.

  3. I really feel that what you are say8ing above is accurate and true , it resonates with me… and i too share the lesson and the experience you personally spoke about.. as for the cords i have cut them about four times now.. but will do it more often now… cutting those cords seems to have made little difference and i gu3ess I think it’s because we haven’t quite got the lesson yet.. so if the cords were cut able and stayed that way , we would be robbed of our lesson that , is not quite done yet.. learnt…. we cut because we want to relieve our selves of pain, i mean i do , I want the lesson to be learned so that the pain will stop… but… if i have the pain stop i will be relieved of learning the lesson… i guess when u come here not wanting to ever return. The universe ensures we learn our lessons in entirety so that we dont have to come back , to return again.. lol…. what do u think tara? From di in oz

  4. Hello Tara, this reading resonated with me. It was as if you were addressing my situation. Every time I feel that I have moved on something nudges me. In my situation I have to accept and move towards my goals. How I deal with it is set it aside and move on and I find that with time things start falling in place.
    I really wish and hope things will give you peace. Sometimes the answers lie within us. We need to accept them.the more we fight them the more discomfort we feel. Death of a relationship takes time specially if it was a long term one.

  5. Tara,

    Your reading made me cry. And I just read your update, which I am profusely grateful for.

    I’m a married female who has been struggling with bisexuality for the last 6 or so months. I cheated on my husband my kissing a woman (and she comes up as the King of Pents). Things escalated fast between she and I, we had a deep connection, but like in your last reading, when the moment was on the line to meet up to define our relationship, it was “stolen from us” and it didn’t happen and I made the decision to walk away.

    Lately, I’ve been struggling what to do about my marriage, as has my husband. My heart is with this woman, but my head says my husband. Last night, my husband and I cried, holding one another, and asking the Universe for guidance and signs. This morning, I found your reading.

    I was unsure if the reading was pertaining to letting this King of Pents female go or my husband. I am depressed over her, but I’ve been experiencing physical symptoms even before meeting her, as I struggled with what to do about my marriage. After your reading, I was standing in Barnes and Noble, when I felt an enormous anxiety attack and felt like I was about to pass out and my husband and I had to run out of the store.

    Once in the car and on the way home, I found your blog post about “resisting change can manifest in physical illness.” These symptoms have been present even before “her,” while I have been unsure about what to do with my marriage. The physical symptoms began in January and have worsened. This has resulted in hospital/ER visits and Doctor visits and now going to therapy. I’m very afraid to leave my marriage and make the wrong decision. I feel like I’m looking to jump off of a cliff into the unknown. I am so, so scared.

    The ending card with “You’re ready” along with the confirmation that these physical symptoms are a manifestion of my own accord because I’ve resisted change, leads me to believe that this is about, mostly, my husband and my marriage.

    I think tomorrow, he and I are going to have to have a talk and I at least for a separation. I’ll let this reading sit and marinate, then come back to it later tonight and then tomorrow.

    I’m crying now. My husband is taking care of me. I hope I’m attributing the reading to the right person and it’s not “her” I should let go of…although she and I ended and are no longer on speaking terms, but I’m depressed and do very much miss and long for her.

    Thank you for all that you do, Tara. I will donate to your channel, even if it’s a few bucks here and there until I get on my own feet, financially, but you have provided me with some answers today. Thank you.

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