Last Open Reading for November 2016

Hi Travelers.

My plan was to bring you guys an Open Reading today using the Casanovas.  Unfortunately, Merc Rx is starting to kick in for me and I have been trying to rectify the issue of my payment gateway for my products.

The issue has been fixed, but I have had to spend an inordinate amount of time to do so.

I will be bringing you the 1st Open Reading for December 2016, tomorrow.

Stay tuned…


Links to FB Page and Private Group

Hi Travelers.

Here’s the link to both the public profile page and the Private FB Group:

Please let me know if you have any issues.

Public Profile page:

HiddenLotus Tarot

Private FB Group:

The Lotus Travelers

Stupid Jetpack Social Icons won’t allow me to enter my new page/group info.  Am deleting old page so maybe after deletion, I can come back and re-add the icons to make this much simpler.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Free Natal Astrological Chart

Hi Travelers.

Here is the link to the site to create your own natal chart:


Different addresses but same site.

When you get there, you must create a FREE account.

Once you do, go to the following on the menu:

  1.  Free Horoscopes
  2.  Drawings and Calculations
  3. Extended Chart Selection

You will need your date of birth and your exact birth time.  You can also add other person’s chart profile into your charts section using the same information.

Please note:  You will get a MUCH MORE ACCURATE chart if you have the exact birth time.

Make sure to read ALL the information on how to input data and follow the prompts.  It’s easy, simple and FREE….WIN/WIN

I do hope this helps  🙂




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