Card & Message of the Day. December 11, 2016.

Card of the Day. December 11, 2016

Good Morning Travelers.
I was hoping to be able to bring you a quick tarot game today and post a reading. However, I have suddenly found myself inundated with Akashic Records readings. One reading can take anywhere from three days up to a week, so needless to say, I will be very busy. I did wish to pull one card for you today to see if there is a message that someone might need to hear. The photos attached is from the Angel Answer deck by Doreen Virtue. I thought it was quite synchronistic for me, as I was worrying how I am to achieve all that I need to do this coming week.

I ask that you grant me your patience, as I try attempt to figure out how I can get readings to you and keep my obligations to the clients with their AR readings. So…until when…
I do hope this one card message helps  🙂



2 thoughts on “Card & Message of the Day. December 11, 2016.

  1. Hi Tara. I just wanted to first say your an amazing reader. I have been watching your channel since Oct – Nov 2015. Then I thought you were pretty good, and today your even better. I want you to know that you have inspired me in so many ways. But my Maine reason for this message is, for the last, 2-3months I have been seeing spirits surround your table during your readings. I was just wondering if anyone have told you that. But ya. They are always to the right of you. All along that right side of the table. And mostly. When your room is dark and you have a bright candle lit. Do you see them? And in your last reading, you had a purple cloth on the table. And if only you knew what was playing out on the table while you were reading??? Sorry for the long message. I’m usually NIR a shy person but for the last year I have been very fearful of things I usually wouldn’t be. But today, I finally got the courage. I really look for readings as if I was looking for the soap opera, All My Children. I know you remember that. Your awesome. Namastw

    • Hi Tamika.

      It’s interesting that you mention what you are seeing and I had to check with my Psychic instructor on it before commenting.
      It is known (in some circles) that spirits & ghosts, etc., can be captured on recording devices, both visual and audio, however, it NEVER occurred to me that some of you might be able to see them on my Youtube videos. Don’t know why that never occurred, yet it never did. I can tell you that when I do the readings, I call upon my Guides, Teachers and Angels to assist me in the task. These are considered the “Higher Beings” and I suppose the reason why it never dawned on me that they would make their presence through digital medium IS because they are “Higher Beings”. Normally, the “Higher Beings” are super busy with other stuff, so when I call upon them, I don’t make a specific request as to who comes, just that someone shows up.

      In speaking with my Instructor, this is what she said (and I’m pasting this in from the email):

      Dear Tara,

      This is strange. I’ve just answered another student with a similar situation. Of course, digital cameras can pick up spirits. It seems you have a lot of spirit energy around you.
      Beings of higher realms, dependent upon their relationship with you do appear quite often. I believe that those who are working in the light of spirit have special beings checking in on them so don ‘t rule them out!

      Thank you so much for sharing your observation.

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