On Reading Your Birth Chart

Hi Travelers.

I just recently posted a video in the Astrology Gallery with what I hope are simple instructions on how to read your birth chart.

I am using the Natural House System with 0 degree Aries Ascendant. This just means that your birth chart you got here on the site will have the signs sitting on their natural houses. We won’t concern ourselves with aspects, trines, squares and oppositions, we’re just going to try and pinpoint when the movement of the planets through the houses might trigger something in our lives and if so, what area might this occur.

What we want is real information that works for real life.  A friend introduced me to this system a few months ago with the offer to “test it”.  I have been testing it out for the past 3 months now in my real life and it WORKS.

So I ask that before you chuck out the visual optics of how the chart looks different, and before you say it’s just too complicated, I ask that you give it a try.  You can come here and post questions when you see something that might be a trigger in your chart, and I will do my level best to help you understand if there’s going to be a trigger, how it might affect you and in what area of your life.  Using this, all you will need to do is watch and see what, if anything happens.

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  1. Hey there… finally seeing EVERYTHING on the site… sorry I missed this comment thread before now.

    I wanted to share this with everyone because I figure if I ran into it, someone else will as well.

    I have an astrologer who dowsed for my birth time. Is this hooey, bull honky, or is this a valid way of trying to narrow down your birth time?

    Thanks Tara!

    • Hi Sandy.

      Not to demean your astrologer, but NO respected, professional astrologer would ever dowse for your birth time. A true professional would have offered you a rectified chart…these are difficult, timely and very expensive.

      The birth time is needed in casting a chart in order to give us “snapshot” of a picture of the heavens at the time of your birth. This information is needed in order to determine where the planets and points were sitting at the exact time of birth. Birth times are based on WHAT IS, not what MAY BE.
      It is based on clock time, not pendulum time.

      The reason why this is so important is because even a difference of 15minutes can make the Ascendant/Descendant and MC/IC off. These 4 main axes are very important in terms of marriage, work, career, and even the end of life.

      The question you should ask yourself is, based upon the ‘dowsed” time given, if you received any astrology reports or readings from this astrologer, how “accurate” was the information given within those services? Did you recognize yourself? Were there any major events forecast that came true or were forecasted accurately? If the answer is no, then you have your answer.

      To help you further understand the importance of correct birth times, please go here:

      And here, on correct birth time: https://astrology.richardbrown.com/ast_bdat.shtml

      And here to read about the process of a birth chart without a correct birth time or a Chart Rectification:

      As I always try to impart upon people, be careful who you give your information to and ALWAYS do your research first.
      I hope this helps.

  2. Tara,
    What if you don’t know your birth time? My birth certificate is such that the time is not recorded and I have no way to know for sure other than morning hours. Would it be a ok to “best guess”?

    • Hi Darlene.

      It really is best to have the correct birth time as even being 10mins off can change the chart.

      In your case, you can do a “best guess”, but just keep in mind that it won’t be precise and your results may vary.

    • Hi Belinda.
      If you get stuck or have a question, just jump back on here.
      I’m trying to find a way to create a separate area for posting just for Membership holders…haven’t figured it out yet 🙁
      I do hope you found the video, the Primer and the small article helpful.
      Thanks soo much!
      You’re AWESOME!!!!!

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