Real Life Psychic Protection

Hello Travelers.

I’m coming to you today with a short post on how to protect yourself from psychic attack in the real world.

First, we need to understand what psychic disturbances are and how psychic attacks occur….the cause and effect that create the conditions for psychic disturbances.

However, before we get started allow me to categorically state:

THIS IS NOT ADVICE FOR PEOPLE WHO HAVE REAL MEDICAL OR MENTAL CONDITIONS.  If you suffer from a real medical/physical/mental condition, please seek help with a qualified professional who can help you and please follow their advice.

 All deeds, thoughts and intentions have effects upon both the physical and metaphysical sides of reality.  All around us, everyday we see how the short-term, greedy, self-involved actions of people can endanger the world, from the global and  political level on down the local and personal level.  By failing to realize the connections between the physical and metaphysical realms can create a confusing and scary world and in disregarding these we cause and suffer from psychic disturbance and the ripples from unconsidered cause and effect are what is known as “psychic disturbance”.These ripples hit the soul first, and when the soul is disturbed we can experience real physical symptoms.  Here are a few examples of psychic disturbance:

  • Vitality depletion, nervous exhaustion, soul disquiet.
  • Disrupted sleep patterns – sleeping like the dead, unable to sleep, nightmares.
  • Serial sequences of things going wrong, runs of bad luck.
  • Fearful of being alone, being overwhelmed or fearful of others and their influences.
  • Feeling empty/eroded or feeling full, burdened or seething with too much stuff.

But how does one recognize the demonstrable physical effects?  You can see what happens when you throw a rock at a window, but what happens when you harbor jealousy, ill-will and resentments against another person?  In holding onto such things as hate, fear, suspicion, jealousy has metaphysical effects as well.

Consider those whose may live on the receiving end of a neighbor’s racist opinions.  The feel unsafe, wary and under threat and can experience a feeling of threat and insecurity that is felt in the soul.

The pace of today’s life can be fast, hectic, stressful and oftentimes, we are too busy to check in with ourselves.  This leaves us open to all types of psychic disturbances.

Over the course of a day as you encounter people and situations that can “set off” your psychic bells, try to use the following steps to empower yourself and prevent psychic intrusion.

First, try to do the Self-Check:

  • Check your breathing.  Re-energize by breathing more deeply.  Women, in particular, breathe on a more shallow level than men.
  • Check the tension in your body. Where is it being held?  Breathe, relax, stretch, massage or exercise it out.
  • Are you centered within your body?  Become aware of where your consciousness currently is.
  • Check your emotional state.  What emotions have you suppressed or which ones are riding you?
  • Check your thoughts.  Be aware of what sub textual concerns are filling your mind.

If you find that you are experiencing psychic disturbance, you can use the following steps to help you identify the source by asking these questions:

  • From what motivation do my intentions arise?
  • Who or what might it harm?
  • What are the consequences of my intended actions?
  • How might these intentions affect me?
  • Are my intentions motivated by someone else’s needs, desires or coercion?
  • Who am I trying to please or empress by these actions/deeds?

Just like getting up and going through your daily hygiene routine, one needs to practice good psychic hygiene as well and it requires steady vigilance and dedicated practice.

I do hope these messages help 🙂





3 thoughts on “Real Life Psychic Protection

  1. Woo, and this is a weekend to practice these. I take phone calls at my place of work for part of my day. The energies of the full moon are really being mirrored in how people are feeling today. While I had shielded this morning, I really needed to reapply before I started dealing with them because it really was obvious that stuff was off kilter.

    I had one lady who called in who had a bird nearby… if it was not on her neck it was right next to her body. The bird was chirping so loudly as the woman spoke that I couldn’t hear anything else. I laughed and laughed to myself… kinda symbolic to me of the energy around today.

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