The Economist Magazine Cover 2017.

Hello Travelers.

A few days ago, an astrologer brought this copy of the cover of The Economist Magazine to my attention.  To say the least, it has people within the Astrology world and most definitely Tarot Card readers in a real tizzy.


I wanted to share this with you to get your feelings/impressions on what you see.  The attached video link is an interpretation of the cover from The Modern Alchemist’s Channel on Youtube.  And there are many card readers on Youtube that have brought this spread forward on their channels.

Here is the link to video, which I have also attempted to share within my March 2017 playlist. We’ve been having a mini discussion on this over in the Facebook Group, but some of you might not be in the group so I’m bringing the video forward here on the website.

Compelling, this spread.  To say the least.  Please view the video.  I’d be very interested to see not only what others think about it, but also how you might interpret the spread.

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