The Art of Love

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Here’s a short note on the Art of Love, Loving, Being Loved and Receiving Love.  It is easy for us to sometimes give our love away to people who do not reciprocate or appreciate just what it takes to open your heart to them.

Source: fb/theidealistMore importantly, it easy for us to give our love away to others when we do not know the value of first loving ourselves.  Love is a four way street.  In order for us to first understand what it is to love, we must learn to love ourselves, honor ourselves and hold ourselves up in the highest of Divine Love.  It is only when we can recognize that we come from the Source of Love, that we can then move forward in the world and

Love is about giving and receiving it. Understand and practice how to receive, as much as how to give Love. Enjoy while doing it! There are many great opportunities to give and to receive lots of Love. You can start by receiving my Love: sending you all my Love.

To Love is a verb and it is demonstrate through your actions. Everybody seems to have a very good idea what is Love, but there is a lot of struggle in our relationships to keep Love alive. Love is a flow, an energy. It is not enough to Love your loved ones. You have to be able to receive their Love too.

I have found out that people don’t have problems loving, sending Love, and demonstrating that they care about others, but they have more difficulties when they have to receive the Love that comes from others. For different reasons that I am not going to list here, they think that being loved can be not safe, or that loved ones may abandon you, or that Love can end in any moment, and they close their heart to receive Love in order to protect themselves from these painful potential scenarios.

You cannot share what you don’t have. This idea is very important

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to understand the relationship between Self-Love and the capability to receive Love. If Love is already within you, then you can share it with others, but still have to open your heart to receive the Love that arrives to you. Love is around you, within you, with you all the time. Love is the higher vibration that exists and the key to experience happiness.

There is also a misunderstanding between the idea of being loving and the concept of sacrifice. Sacrifice is not Love, it has never been, Love is something totally different. Love gives without expecting anything in return, Love gives because it wants, Love is unconditional.

Sacrifice has been the substitute of Love but they are not related.

Quote by Dodinsky

When you sacrifice yourself for others you stop loving yourself. Please, always remember that your first responsibility is with yourself. Because if you don’t Love yourself you won’t be able to Love the rest of the world.

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