Four Ways to Know if Your Psychic is “Real”

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Hi Travelers.

I wanted to write a short article to help you empower yourselves in the world of psychics.  I know that many of you visit or consult the services of many different psychics, as is your right. But I wish upon no one to be scammed or ripped off.

I have been very honored and truly blessed to have met and read for many hundreds of people – all over the world – and what I have found is that for most human beings – no matter what country, language, religion, socio-economic background, sex or vocation, we all share the same basic needs.  We all wish to be safe, make sure our children are well cared for, our bills paid, to be healthy, vital, happy and of course to be loved.

All of us live someplace, work someplace and hopefully have meaningful relationships in our lives.  In these things, for the most part we all appear on the surface, to share the same things.

However, I look at this with very different eyes because the truth is, everyone’s life is truly different.  Each of us lives our own individual lives, regardless of how things appear.  Our journey in this incarnation and how we fulfill our karmic lessons is as individual as our fingerprints.   Each life has it’s own unique signature and details and this is what defines our individuality.

When a psychic is real, they will immediately tell you something pertinent to your life at the beginning of the reading.  This should be something that you can identify immediately as your own and relevant to what is going on in your life at that time.  They must say something specific about your current circumstances.

Is the psychic asking you personal questions about your life? They really shouldn’t have to ask anything.  It is these details which let you know that the psychic is reading FOR YOU and not your neighbor or worse….themselves.  This is truly the mark that defines a psychic’s ability.

Here are four rules I will share with you to help you decide if the psychic you choose is the “real deal””

  1.  A psychic should be detached and not inject their personal opinion. This is your life and the psychic is not your mother.
  2. A psychic must be honest and not hedge back-and-forth or hold back information.  It is NOT their information to keep.
  3. A psychic must be accurate and specific.  If the reading is vague, meaning, they are making statements that could fit anyone’s life, then they are not the real deal.  Before you continue with the reading, the reader should give you information regarding something that you can identify in your life right now.
  4. Let the reader do the talking – you shouldn’t have to impart a lot of information.  After all, that is the job of the psychic, is it not?

So this is why, if you book with me, I ask that you do not tell me the story.  When you read with me, I want you to be sure that the information I provide is coming from a place of truth and honesty.  And whether you book with me or not, this should always apply.

Be wise about who you give your money to, who you give your information to and who you allow to muck about in your energy.

I do hope this message helps someone out there :



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