The Nodes – What ARE They, Anyway?

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In today’s article, we will be taking a look at the Lunar Nodes.


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What are the nodes, exactly?  They’re not a planet, nor a physical object in the heavens.  Instead, the are the point whereby the Sun and Moon’s elliptic orbit intersect.


What you need to keep in mind is that since the moon does not orbit the Earth in a reliably linear fashion, the natal position of the nodes in your chart are averaged.

The nodes of the moon move in a clockwise (but they are ALWAYS in retrograde motion) direction and take up to 18 years, 7  months and 9 days to make a complete revolution around the zodiac.  Eclipses occur when either the full moon or new moon falls near the nodal axes.

The nodes are always opposite each other and they can act like putting two magnets of opposite polarity to each other – they can pull or they can push and this energetic relationship is just another profound axis within your chart.  When you have your chart read, an astrologer will take a look at the two other most profound axes in chart – The MC/IC axis and the AS/DS axis.  The MC/IC rule work and professional life vs. home and family life.  The AS rules your rising sign (or the personality you project out into the world vs DS which shows what kind of “personality you most need/attract within partnerships.  All three of these axes are in opposition to each other.

The nature of these”hidden” points within a chart become quite important if you wish to layer metaphysics and spiritualism and other esoteric possibilities into the meaning of the chart.

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In ancient times, the lunar nodes were looked upon as a Dragon, with the north node being the Head of the Dragon, and the south node being the Tale of the Dragon.

This myth of the “Dragon” is related to the Mesopotamian Goddess Tiamat, and in this creation  myth, wrestling and slaying violent dragons were par for the course. And you can consider your NN/SN configuration as your own personal dragons to slay.

Chaos Monster and Sun God
Myth of Tiamat and Marduk – Ancient Babylonian bas-relief

In Vedic astrology, the north node is called Rahu and the south node is called Ketu and based upon the 8th book of the Bhagavat Purana, we again find the mythology of a serpent-demon who, upon becoming immortal, was severed in two, with Rahu becoming the head of the Dragon and Ketu becoming the tail.

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Rahu (NN) & Ketu (SN) – Vedic Nodes

And no matter which form of astrology – Vedic, Traditional, Modern or Karmic, the nodes of the moon in a natal chart are related to the concept of past lives/present lives,   karma and redemption.

The basic principle of the lunar nodes as it relates to natal chart and your life is this:  The North Node is where we are supposed to be focusing our energy and attention – this is the soul’s mission in this incarnation.  The South Node represents all of our gifts, skills and knowledge that we have acquired in past lives, as well as past life karma.  In theory, we’re supposed to utilize all our past life gifts in this incarnation and thus bring about not only “new experiences”, but new spiritual growth.

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Astrological diagram of Al-Burini

In the ancient days, the interpretation of the nodes was rather dark, as viewed from the eyes of ancient observers, a dramatically psychological event occurred when a dark body came between the Sun and the Moon, blocking the light of the moon – THE MOON DISAPPEARED!


But in 102 AD, Al-Biruni an astronomer, mathematician, scientist and Related imagegreat scholar, produced a book which formally assigned meaning to the nodes…dichotomized yes, but a meaning nonetheless.  This dichotomy basically placed an interpretation of “good” to the north node and “bad” to the south node.

Now, we could look at the nodes this way – either singularly good or bad, or we could even assign the use of “malefic” energies and bad life choices of the past, skipping across space and time to bring untold havoc into our present lives and maybe even the future.


When transits occur to these important points in your chart, it can change your whole life.  This is why it is VITAL to have the correct birth time when you get your chart.

And if you don’t understand or even believe in the power of the nodes, let me tell you a story:  I was married in 1993 and ended up getting divorced in 2000.  During the course of my marriage, we tried for several years to have children, all to no avail.

My divorce became official April 16 2000, 7 days after the nodes changed into the NN Cancer/SN Capricorn.  This was important because the IC sits in the 4th house of Cancer and the MC sits in the 10th house of Capricorn. NN  Cancer/SN Capricorn was from April 9 2000 – October 12, 2001.


When transits occur to these important points in your chart, it can change your whole life.

On October 13, 2001, the nodes changed signs NN Gemini/SN Sagittarius. I have this nodal signature in my natal chart, and this transit of the nodes lasted until April 13, 2003.

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One year to the day, April 13, 2004, my daughter was born. I became a mom and my whole life changed.  I believed that I was never going to have children, couldn’t have children and had resigned myself to the fact that this was okay. I literally just accepted that I would be a childless woman and was okay with that – I had planned on focusing on my career and traveling the world.If I have your attention now, I’m going to give you a short guide to the nodes, so that you can get some idea of what they mean for you within your chart.

Think of the nodes as a “particular tension” in your life – the pull and comfort level of the past vs the fear and uncertainty of the future.  Since the nodes are ALWAYS opposite each other, you can view theImage result for images push pullnodes like the push-me/pull me energy in your life.

Now, the South Node (SN) typically indicates lessons and talents you’ve already mastered or what could be perceived as “the easy way out”. The SN represents the past, your history, where you’ve been, where you’ve come from and is generally believed to be a composite of your past lives.

But because you’ve already mastered the skills and lessons from the past, there’s no growth, no learning or no challenge when you continue to use them and when you continue to use these gifts in the same way, you can find it depleting to do so.  When this happens, consider it the Universe’s way of trying to coax you into following the growth path of your North Node.  Yes, it can be very scary and take you completely out of your comfort zone, but if you can find the courage, summon the strength, it can lead to the most fabulous rewards in your life.

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The Ouroboros. It looks like the Infinity symbol. Think of your nodes like a loop…the Infinity symbol.

The North Node (NN) shows you what lessons you are here to learn now or what you may perceive as “just too hard”, but worth the effort if you do.  The NN is your future and the greatest opportunity you have for growth in your life.  In a nutshell, the NN is your DEVELOPMENT PATHWAY. This is how and where can find confidence, rewards and fulfillment in your efforts.  By taking this path, you can gain new skills, knowledge, growth and personal freedom, which leads you to fruition.

But…you’ve gotta want it.

In the next article, I’ll give you a rundown on growth lessons of each of the 12 nodal combination  but you can read this article to get a bit more on the nodes here.








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