Free Weekly Horoscope – Week July 24th – July 30th


You start the week thinking about you, you, you. Being the sign of self, having the freedom and space to roam is very important to you even when others might be in conflict over your new-found freedom of self-expression. Monday, July 24th finds Sun conjunct Mars in your 5th house. Should they treat you like royalty or can you really find peace, joy and contentment with your lover, children or junior demographic?  Try to ground this energy if you can as Saturn 21 Sagittarius squares Venus 22 Gemini.  Saturn wants you to go slowly in terms of your higher education, foreign travel and bigger ideas, whereas Venus may have you trying to convey the beauty of your ideas and concepts.  I do feel that there could be a bit of a disconnect between  what you’re hearing from certain friends or groups and what you hearing from loved ones as Diana 28 Aquarius quincunx Mercury 28 Leo.

Fortuna has just entered Cancer at 0 degrees and it can all seem like the tide is turning. Salacia 2 Aries trines both the Sun and Mars in Leo and this can feel like sudden clarity and a way through. But I caution that you before you make any major decisions remember – although a New Moon can be a new beginning in terms of your appearance, reputation, self-esteems, this new moon is bumping up against Mercury Shadow RX and the partial lunar Eclipse August 7.  So, if you’re hiding things about yourself this could backfire on you – but it can also be that others are hiding things from you. You won’t have the full story as there are many Leo patterns going back and forth across your 5th house and the upcoming Mercury Rx will most definitely mean you won’t have the needed information.

July 26th, Mercury moves 0 Virgo, but is already two days into the pre-shadow retrograde phase. I feel for some of you this could be a day of decisions or being on the threshold of a decision. Mercury 0 Virgo conjunct Vesta 3 Virgo.  Vesta is all about gender politics where one man has authority over two or more females.  The reason I mention this aspect is because Aesculapius 23 Aquarius trines Venus 23 Gemini. Aesculapius is all about resurrection and things/people/situations returning from the dead.  Just when you thought a person/situation was over, it roars back to life. Venus in Gemini says if you hear the news, it will sound awfully sweet. For some of you this could be appearance of open-minded male, one that you could “follow” and who may be able to open up new vistas for you in terms of creativity, sex, children or even step-children.  For others of you, this could be the return of a group of people from your past or past life who might be able to help you resurrect your reputation, appearance or ego. Either way, whether work or personal, the situation will be unusual and with Pluto 17 Capricorn trine Moon 17 Virgo, the connection will be deep.  If this is about a work issue, then Pluto wants to change the balance of how you view work, service and duty to others and yourself.  Yet, Juno 5 Capricorn oppose Ceres 6 Cancer says that if you commit, you will have to figure out a new way to carve up the territory of duty.  If this is a personal relationship, it will require tactful, diplomatic negotiations to create this new space.  Minerva 17 Scorpio is a very important asteroid. She can provide the wisdom you need to negotiate the best deal for you and him, you and she, you and them should you need to.


Taurus, perhaps you start the week feeling as though you aren’t able to fully express yourself within your business and/or personal relationships. Venus 22 Gemini in your second house personal monies, values and self-love opposes Saturn 21 Sagittarius. If a business situation it can feel that your negotiations, customers or even your written communications just aren’t getting thorough.  But this New Moon in Leo might provide you the impetus to dig deeper and push ahead particularly with Sun 0 Cancer conjunct Mars 1 Cancer.  This is all about formulating the plan as you can see the way forward. Yet, this New Moon is coming up against pre-shadow Mercury retrograde and the eclipses.  Uranus in your 12th house is making a trine to Mercury 28 Leo.  This could be sudden insights or ideas that seem to come from nowhere. Grab pen & paper and jot these ideas down so that you don’t forget them. Now might not be the time implement them, but if you simply must, take your time and make your decisions wisely. You can use Minerva 17 Scorpio in your 7th house of partnerships to either consult an advisor or skillfully negotiate any deals/contracts/commitments that you may be facing.  What I will tell you is that Juno in Capricorn in your 9th house will oppose Ceres in your 3rd house, so whatever negotiations/sells/contracts/commitments/news you might hear, will require a carve up – whether this is with foreign customers or sharing credit with work or ideas.

The Sun conjunct Mars 3 Leo aspect will be in full effect about now. And although this combination can really drive you forward, it can also be moving forward without considering the wants/needs/desires or others. Try to curb the tendency to be stubborn and see how everyone can get to a win/win scenario. Taurus, some of you may be working from home or have been wanting to move your work “home” and there may be a power-struggle of sorts happening within this context. Pluto 17 Capricorn in your 9th opposes the MC 17 Cancer in your 3rd house.  Pluto wants to change the balance or power base with how you approach your long distance travel, internet, publishing and MC in Cancer is wanting to help you find a new way to achieve your status and success.  The appearance of Apollo 0 Virgo, July 29th, could mean the solution you’ve been waiting for. Apollo is the grandson of Jupiter, and all of Jupiter’s progeny come with healing properties or solutions. Virgo is all about the body and its physical condition, so if you feel as though you’ve been spending too much time at work and not enough at home or vice versa, Apollo may show you a way to fix this. If this is the case you can use Hygeia 3 Capricorn oppose Fortuna 3 Cancer.  Hygeia is the daughter of Jupiter and she says to put in the safeguards and protections that you’ll need.  Fortuna says that what you may think of as a loss, could in reality become a gain.


Of all the signs this month, I think you have the most going on. Transits in Leo across your  3rd house of communications, short distance travel, sales and negotiations give your sun chart a somewhat dynamic quality.  July 24 opens with Saturn 21 Sagittarius oppose Venus 22 Gemini.  Venus is in your 1st house of self and although some of you may feel more diplomatic, beautiful, open and harmonious, Saturn can make if feel as if others don’t see or understand that you’re doing your best to be cooperative.

This New Moon in Leo can make you more expressive and in some cases, perhaps a bit more aggressive in wanting to express yourself or say what it is you want to say.  If this is about the old way of doing things or the “old crowd” no longer being in step with the new direction you’re seeking – then Uranus 28 Aries in your 11th house of groups/friends/organizations trines Mercury 28 Leo in your 3rd house. For some of you, this could be sudden insights into how to get your message across or the meeting of new people/organizations that are more in line with what you’re trying to say.

Mercury, however is moving into pre-shadow retrograde phase and since Gemini, along with Virgo are both ruled by Mercury, in one aspect this could mean muddle thinking/muddle messages and on the other, profound insights into how/what/why you communicate the way you do.   I also feel that the patterns across Virgo will also play a huge role.

Gemini, you are known to be a orator, speaker, teacher, writer, blogger so the Leo patterns across your 3rd house will be very important as these patterns will continue until 2018. Sun conjunct Mars can mean an “explosion” of information. Pluto 17 Capricorn oppose will trine the Moon 16 Virgo.  I think this aspect could be heightened as Mercury will have moved 0 Virgo.  Mercury is exalted in Virgo, and even though it will be in the pre-shadow retrograde phase, it can still be a potent little planet.  This can bring about those critical thinking skills that you need in order to change whatever it is you need to change in terms of your work, body, service to others and yourself. If anyone can get in there and fight for rights, protections and win/win scenarios – it would be you, Gemini.


The Venus square Saturn aspect will be opposing each other in your 12th and 6th houses, respectively.  Venus in the 12th can bring about a shyness in your relationships or difficulty in expressing your feelings towards someone. On the other hand, it can also bring about the type of relationship where you may feel a karmic connection to someone who you think/feels needs to be rescued or taken care.  And therein lies the danger.   Saturn 21 Sagittarius is sitting in your 6th house. This could be a connection to someone who is wholly and radically different from you – educationally, philosophically, racially or even lives a good distance away.  The Venus in Gemini Square Saturn in Sagittarius aspect occurs July 24 – 26 but the effects can last all the way out until July 30th when Venus changes to 0 Cancer and this may bring about changes about to best handle your money for you own well being.  I mention this because you will also have Mercury 28 Leo trine Uranus 28 Aries in your 10th house of career/work and status.  The Leo transits will occur across your 2nd house of personal monies, property, values, bank accounts, etc.  So for some of you this could mean radical new ideas about what you need to do to shore up your financial position. The Pluto transit in the sign of Capricorn can bring about promotions and demotions, so for some of you this could mean weighing your options of either excepting a new position or losing one – how will either of these two scenarios change your money and the value you place upon yourself or the things you own, earn or owe.

The Leo New Moon can usher in new beginnings and it falls right alongside the Sun conjunct Mars 0 Leo.  This can either be a good thing or a not-so good thing depending on your personal situation. The Sun can illuminate a path for you, Mars can give you the drive and ambition to move it or yourself forward, yet, this new moon is also falling within the pre-shadow retrograde phase of Mercury.  If you have to sign, agree or commit to any new agreements, do the research – ask around of others who have done this before – if you’re still not sure what to do, then wait until around July 28th when Minerva 16 Scorpio in your 5th house trines Pluto 17 Capricorn in your 7th house. The 7th house is your house of partnerships – how can you best find the balance within your roles and duties.  Scorpio is a money sign and sitting in your 5th house, this is about lovers – past/present/future or children – yours and/or theirs.  I also feel that Fortuna 2 Cancer in your first house, might provide you the opportunity to either shore up your reputation or appearance – but it could also be that you might be required to share your “reputation/appearance” with another.  This could seem like a low, but in actually be a high as Ceres is also here. Ceres is all about the sharing – carving up roles, rights, duties –perhaps even sharing spaces like getting a new roommate or having to share a work cubicle/office space.  Uranus is offering you freedom to work this in such a way, that you/she/he/them can all have more space to move about.


This is your birthday month and it starts out with a New Moon in your sign at 0 Leo.  Zero degrees always means a change or the start of something new. Having this in your 1st house of self can mean changes in many ways. You are characterized by your big heart, generosity and joie-de-vivre. People love to be around you and you love being around people.  So this new moon can bring a whole new energy to the way you look or project/present yourself.

You have patterns across your first house all occurring in your sign Leo from now until 2018.  This is going to be long, drawn out story and when it’s over, you or the way your present yourself won’t be the same.  I have written an article for you about the Leo transits and the upcoming August 21st, 2017 total solar eclipse.  For you Leo, this can mean huge, life changes or life-changing events as the North Node is also involved.  And no, you don’t have to have your North Node in Leo to be affected- as the Nodes transit through the sign Leo they inevitably aspect (touch) any planets/points you have the sign of Leo.

July 28th, Diana 27 Capricorn in your 7th house quincunx Venus 26 Gemini in your 11th house. Diana is all about freedom and not having any chains to bind you. Venus in the 11th is all about find the harmony and balance within groups/organizations and people who may be radically from you. A quincunx is a tension or at least an uncomfortable energy to deal with. Go slowly as, with the Mercury Rx shadow phase all of this is leading up to the big Eclipse August 21st. With Sun/Mars conjunct in your sign, it call be either too much heat and speed or too much anger and frustration.


Using the solar sign chart, we find Leo in the 12th house on July 25th with Sun/Mars conjunct each other 0 Leo. Up until now, there might have been a bit of otherworldly energy going on deep inside, but with Sun/Mars here, we can suddenly feel as though we know exactly which way to go and how to do it.  Sudden insights into yourself or the motivations of others can all be a part of a transit like this. Yet, Virgo is ruled by Mercury and he is entering his pre-shadow retrograde phase July 24th. Even though Mercury retrograde is known to cause havoc, when he retrogrades into his exalted ruling sign (Virgo) it can have quite the opposite effect – and what I mean by this, is that instead of focusing all our mental energies outward, we can turn them inward and try to see how we may have been blocking ourselves if we’ve been too stuck on perfection or over analyzing.  You can still expect to have the usual foolish with Mercury Rx – delayed communications, crossed-wires, gadget buffoonery, etc.  And you can use the Sun/Mars conjunct  in 12th house to really see how this might have been affecting you.

Virgo, Apollo 28 Leo trines Uranus 28 Aries on July 25th and this can bring solutions or the very least some great ideas on how best to get a handle surrounding  other people’s money, mortgages, annuities, child support, insurance payouts.  If Apollo manifests as a person, he’s going to really know his stuff and will shine above all other advisors if you’ve been seeking one.  Uranus falling in your 8th house is about radically different ways to invest, save, accrue whether using your money or someone else’s.

Saturn has been sitting at the base of you chart in the 4th house and here we find him at 22 Sagittarius where he opposes Venus 21 Gemini in your 10th house.  So, you may not be able to move around like you want, but you can certainly still get your ideas out there – across the neighborhood, town, state – even the world.  Just try not to nitpick your idea to death as you have Minerva 17 Scorpio sitting in your 3rd house of short distance travel, neighbors, siblings and communities. Minerva is trine Pluto 17 Capricorn in your 5th house, July 28th. So if you have to do something or need to communicate something, look close by among your friends, the parents of your kids’  friends or even an old lover to help you best sort out whatever might be challenging for you.  I say this because on this day, you will also have Neptune 13 Pisces 7th house quincunx Moon 13 Libra 2nd house and there might be a bit of tension or to say the least, some confusion over some kind of yours vs. mine, hers/him vs. them brouhaha happening.  I sense that for some of you, you might receive news or some kind of “psychic” information that will give you the first hint of what may have been hidden from you. If this is the case remember with Mercury going retrograde up through the partial lunar and total solar eclipse, you won’t have all the information you need so try to remain calm.


You’ve had Jupiter in your sign all year and I hope that he has been working his magic in certain areas of your lives. July 25th starts with a Sun/Mars conjunct 0 Leo in your 11th house. This could usher in many new, exciting and illuminating people/groups/organizations.  I’ve even seen this aspect show up when new relatives are about to enter the picture, either through a marriage, civil union or a new baby.  This can be a joyous time, so if it happens to you, live it up!  Venus 22 Gemini in your 9th house is all about expansion of ideas and the sharing and acceptance of different belief systems.  However, Venus is opposing Saturn 21 Aries in your 3rd house, so this can sometimes mean not wanting to budge on your position or being quite closed off to new people/places/ideas and modes of communicating.  You are Libra, and you are known for your tact, diplomacy and being able to objectively see both sides. So if this involves some kind of spat between relatives – old or new – get in there and use your famous Libran qualities to help cool the heat down.

Libra, you have Pluto 17 Capricorn sitting in your 4th house and since Pluto likes to change things, I feel that for some of you this is about a home move. Some of you may be moving in order to support a new partner/spouse, others may be moving for work/career purposes.  Against this backdrop the pre-shadow of Mercury Rx begins with Mercury moving into the sign of Virgo 0 degrees on July 26th. If you are moving whether across town, state or even out of the country, make sure that you double check all the important things you need to know as there is a high probability of some miscommunication happening.  If you have any doubts or concerns, Minerva , a very important little asteroid is at 17 Scorpio in your 2nd house of moveable possessions, personal monies, values and value systems.  This could be something as simple as making sure you get insurance against broken/stolen items if you’re moving.  If you don’t know how to do this, then ask someone who has been through a similar situation for some advice.  And if you have to sign anything on the dotted line at this time, before doing so, seek counsel/advice if you can and double check all information. We are heading into eclipse season and there could be something that you don’t see.

Libra, one word of caution:  You have Uranus 28 Aries in your 7th house of partnership. I have seen this aspect show up when you suddenly meet a new partner, but also when you suddenly find yourself in the middle of a separation/divorce.  In either case, my advice is the same as above – get to know the new person very well – go slowly – whether romantic or business partner and if  this is about a separation/divorce/termination, get the best advice you can on how to best protect yourself, assets, property and maintain your dignity.  If in the latter case, it may seem like a loss now, but Fortuna in Cancer says it really could end up being the best thing that has ever happened to you, even if you don’t see that right now.


For the past 2 years, Saturn in Sagittarius has been in your 2nd house of personal monies, values, moveable possessions and has been affecting all that you owe, earn or accrue.  This has been a long, slow slog I know – but hang in there, as in a few months you will start to see the light – Saturn will be leaving Sagittarius December 22, 2017.

July 25th finds Saturn 21 Sagittarius oppose Venus 22 Gemini.  Saturn here in your 2nd house has wanted to you to become more serious and careful about how you handle your money instead of being all flippant and fickle with it by throwing it away on frivolous things/people/situations.  This can be a difficult lesson, but its really not so much about the what you spend the money on, but the why.

This is a lesson about the value you place upon things vs. the value you place upon yourself.  If you deal with the public – sales, writing, internet, overseas contracts, this may have been a very difficult time in terms of trying to get people to commit or at the very least, trying to get them to come around to your way of thinking. Instead of throwing more money at them, use the Venus Gemini energy to bring your tact and diplomacy to the forefront  and show them the true value of why you and your work are the best fit.   Of all the signs, you Scorpio, have Minerva sitting in your 1st house. Minerva was a counselor. She was wise and she knew how to fight battles. You can read more about Minerva in your Roman Gods e-book.

If this has been about trouble with foreigners/foreign connections or business partners, you might just have to figure out another way to achieve what you want. Again, Minerva can help you with this.

Scorpio, you have Leo patterns transiting your 10th house of career/status/social ambition and this is where the New Moon 0 Leo occurs. This can seem like the brand new  beginning to what you’ve no doubt, been striving for these past two years, yet – by July 26th, Mercury 0 Virgo will start his pre-shadow phase in your 11th house of friends/groups/organizations. You should know by now the havoc that Mercury can bring when he retrogrades, so for you, this could mean miscommunication, delayed communications or ideas just not jibing with either your friends or with people you may be trying to do business with. This is about learning to take care of your body/health so that you can get out there and take care of business.

If you are finding that the people you used to be able to depend on are now starting to flake- take it easy and don’t hit the destruct button just yet. That Sun/Mars conjunct 3 Leo on the same day, could make you just want to charge ahead with thinking. Yes, you can use the energy more productively if you slow down and methodically plot your course of action. This will be a long story as the Leo patterns will be crossing and re-crossing points within your 10th house all the way through 2018. And even if you have no Leo factors within your natal chart, this could manifest as having to deal with your child/children, other people’s children, god-children, grand-children, lovers – past/present/future.

Scorpio, I feel that for some of you, there is a subtle and major change happening with your communications/sales/negotiations. We find Pluto 17 Capricorn. This is about changing the way you communicate on all levels. If your business depends upon foreign contracts, then this new political/social climate is making it a necessity to do so. Gemini or the 3rd house can sometimes be learning for the sake of learning, whereas Sagittarius is about learning to share with the masses. So if you feel you need to learn new skills, a new language or find someone who is better at website management, do so.  The bottom line is, you can no longer continue to do the same old thing you’ve been doing. You’re going to have to get in there and figure out the best way to get a deal where everyone feels that they’ve won.


Dear Sagittarius. Saturn 21 Sagittarius is sitting in your 1st house of self. A real drag and sometimes can make you just want to sit down, hang you head in your hands and just cry. Don’t do it. Venus 22 Gemini on July 25th is saying that if you want or need a better deal, contract or partnership – it can be yours for the asking.   This aspect is occurring right around New Moon 0 Leo and we find the new moon in your 9th house. This could mean that you might have to search far and wide to find the answers you seek, but you are the sign of travel, foreigners and people/places that are different. You excel in this, so instead of having that hanged-dog countenance, buck up and get your Sag on!

Your first house is about how you look, your reputation, the image you put out there and what comes back to you by your outward projection. Do you need to lose or gain weight to be healthier, do you need to dress up or down to have people take your more seriously on a first impression? Do you need to change your online profile and presence?  If so, then you have about 5 more months to get this done as on December 22, 2017, Saturn will be moving into your 2nd house of personal money, property, possessions, values and self worth.

For some of you, this may be your 1st Saturn return –this would put you around 28-30yrs. For others of you, this is your 2nd Saturn return – so you should be nearing 50. And if you just skated by on the first, then this second can be eye opening.

By July 26th, we find Uranus 28 Aries in your 5th house semi-squaring Neptune 13 Pisces in your 4th house. Although a semi-square is not a big aspect, what it can do is bring up some sudden, electrifying and possible even anger over what has been confusing you around your home/apartment/family/mothers, physical security.  If this is the case, try not to allow any sudden ideas you have to become over the top or too grandiose, as you may find that friends, associates and family members will put up resistance. Try to move slowly during this time, as Mercury 0 Virgo will have just changed signs and will also be in pre-shadow retrograde phase.  You can still achieve whatever it is you need to, but you’ll have to do so very carefully. Once Fortuna 2 Cancer will trine Mercury  2 Virgo, July 28th and this could seem like either the news or opportunity you’ve been waiting for. Yet all this occurs against the backdrops of two eclipses and you might not be able to see all you need to see about the person/situation/decision. If you have to forge ahead, it will require division/sharing/carving up and in doing so, making sure that you institute safeguards for the worst case scenario.  You have Minerva 17 Scorpio sitting in your 12th house – so if something doesn’t feel right – do your research and trust your gut.


I think of all the signs going experiencing the Pluto in Capricorn transit, you have probably been the one to take most advantage. Pluto is sitting in your 1st house of self and for Cappy, this equals power, control, social climbing/ambition, career and status. Not even the Saturn in Sagittarius transit has probably given you much trouble. Why? Your sign is ruled by Saturn and we find Saturn sitting in your 12th house of hidden things, secret enemies, institutions and karmic debts/credits.  And even if things from the past have been cropping up, you just keep your little goat feet on the ledge and climb.

July 24th finds the New Moon 0 Leo in your 8th house of other people’s money, death, taxes, sudden windfalls. For some of you the Pluto in Capricorn transit is put you right where you want to be or at the very least, so close to it that you can taste it.  The Leo patterns will continue across your chart in the 8th house, so this can mean joining forces through either lovers, children or junior themed groups. Perhaps you’ve been made head accountant over the Little Miss Pretty 2017 beauty pageant and this led you to meeting the head of a corporation that just fired their old accountant and has been looking for a new one.. It could mean any and many things to you depending upon your personal story, Capricorn, but the whole thing can seem karmic or even fated.

July 27th finds Moon 0 Libra in your 10th house. Yes, this is about finding the most cooperative way you can in order to do what you do and get what it is you truly want, but there’s this pesky little opposition of Salacia 2 Aries opposing Moon 0 Libra. This suggests that there could be some hidden conflict brewing with a confusing female or some confusion surrounding a female. If this occurs, don’t say/do anything as for one, Mercury 1 Virgo 9th house will quincunx Salacia Aries – and whatever the conflict could be you won’t have the full story. Mercury pre-shadow retrograde is abound and Salacia rules the oceans/seas, mists and fogs. Try to use your famous Capricorn patience to wait it out and see what develops. It could just be some jealousy that rears its ugly head as Apollo, Vesta will also be in the mix.  Remember, the Mercury pre-shadow phase is leading up to the eclipses and all is not as it appears to be.  You can read more about Apollo and Vesta in your Roman Gods e-book.

Last thing Capricorn, if you’ve just been given a promotion then make sure that you don’t fall into the Capricorn shadow side of working yourself too hard and for sure, if you have people working under you, don’t work them like Hebrew slaves building the Pyramids. You can come to some type of agreement where everyone does their fair share and thus everyone can have more, do more. Yes, I know you want more, but you may need to compromise to get it.


New Moon 0 Leo fell in your 7th house of partnership on July 23rd, but by the 24th will have moved on into the sign of Virgo. From July 25th– July 31st, we find Sun conjunct Mars in Leo. This aspect is setting your partnership house on fire. You may suddenly be able to see everything you need to see about your partner/lover/business partner and Mars is bringing the heat, passion and desire to keep the momentum going. But hold it….as Mercury is starting his pre-shadow retrograde and this can mean lost/delayed/deleted emails, faxes, phone calls or mis-communications with sales, negotiations, trade, etc.  If you find this is the case, slow it down, cool the speed and the heat. And if this is about meeting a new partner – no matter personal or business, there could very well be something you don’t know or can’t see about them.

You have Pluto 13 Capricorn in your 12th house so this new partner, who came with new Moon and is all up in your 7th house, could in actually be a hidden enemy, past life enemy and very karmic. They could be appearing in your life for payback.  This might be especially true since you have True South Node sitting in our first house of self. But it’s not all doom and gloom as the South Node is also about utilizing your past life talents to move forward into your North Node.

And here is where the Universe can be really funny…True north node is sitting in your 7th house. Well, what to do? Do everything related to the 7th house and do it utilizing your 1st house of self.  Aquarius, you are known for radical ideas, forward thinking, humanitarian causes, and the “group mentality”. Now, South Node in your sign is telling you that you’ve done enough of that or at the very least, you need to alter the way you’ve been doing what you’ve always done. This will come about through learning the value of cooperation, sharing and “group mentality” that involves everyone while still honoring yourself.

For some of you this idea may come home to you between July 24th – 26th as Uranus 21 Aries in you 11th house opposes Venus 22 Gemini 5th house.  I have seen this aspect mean that you suddenly lose friends or you find that your friends are no longer clicking with what you want to do or your life direction.

For example, say you’re used to spending every Saturday afternoon at your local pub playing Trivial Pursuit or Dungeons and Dragons with your Peeps, when suddenly one day, you decide you’d rather go over to the Boys and Girls Club and teach them how to play chess or use the internet.

Aquarius, if this is the case, don’t just disappear off the scene without letting those who love and care for you know what’s happening.  They may not understand and some may not want to accept your choice. Either way, the lesson is about valuing the “group” feelings over your own personal feelings.  If this comes up for you, you can use Venus in Gemini to diplomatically and compassionately tell them to scram – Don’t be the Yoko Ono of your group.


New Moon 0 Leo occurred in your 6th house of work, service, duty to others and yourself. Pisces, you are the most karmic sign and thus can tend to put others before yourself, oftentimes with disastrous results.  I’m going to give you the three-legged, one-eyed dog story.

So you’re at the mall one day, and as you head back to your car, you see this poor three-legged, one-eyed dog limping around and panting because it’s hot as the dickens outside. This is when that Piscean sympathy kicks in and you grab the dog up and take him home.  First day he’s there, he’s sweet as pie, kind, loving, gentle – so you to keep him. Then suddenly during the second week, you come home from work and find he has peed all your furniture, chewed all our shoes and  pooped in the kitchen. You’re mad. But then when you look at him and scold him, he gives you the “sad dog eye” – not eyes, cause he only has one.  This pattern of behavior continues until finally you realize that it’s not going to work out between you and him, so you start searching for someplace to re-home him. Friends won’t take him and the shelter is all full. What do you do?

The moral of this story is that instead of taking the three-legged, one-eyed dog home with you, you probably should’ve just called the Pound at the very beginning. Your house doesn’t stink, your stuff isn’t in shambles and maybe the one-eyed, three-legged dog ends up finding his perfect dog parent at the pound after all – at the very least, he’s not roaming the streets all thirsty and suckering other people to take him in.

What does that story have to do with Moon in Leo? Well, the Sixth house not only rules the body and work, but it also rules small animals. This is a new day for you Pisces. The New Moon is trying to show you that you can still find joy, creativity and passion without falling into the drama of taking on other people’s stuff.   These transits will occur all the way through 2018 so I do hope that you take heed.

The reason I’m harping on this so much is that there is a weird stellium falling in your 7th house of partnerships – romantic/social/business.  In this stellium, we find the asteroids Bacchus, Proserpina, Psyche, Vesta and Apollo. Bacchus is all about hedonism and good times, Proserpina is all about being a bridge between other people/places/situations, Psyche rules –well the psyche, but can also appear like psychic messages/connections, Vesta is all about one man and two or more women, Apollo means – if a person, he/she shines so brightly, that you’ll follow them to hell and back.  You can find out more these personalities in your Roman Gods e-book. (Free to Premium Members)

Now, on the off chance this is about you joining a spinning class at the gym, then I say go for it. But if this is about the sudden appearance of a new partner (no matter what kind), Dear Pisces, I ask that you take a huge step back.  Mercury is in pre-shadow retrograde phase and this happens right into the eclipses….Mercury Rx means not having the information or it being delayed to you in some way, shape or form. Eclipses NEVER REVEAL. They ALWAYS CONCEAL.

If you meet any new people trying to coax you into some type of agreement/commitment/partnership/relationship, there is a better time to do this, as you seriously will have a blind spot. And if all else fails, you can use Minerva 17 Scorpio in your 9th house July 28th, and get really good advice from a friend who lives at a distance…at worst, get online and pay for a background check.

I’m not trying to scare you Pisces, just asking that you learn to be a bit more discerning in your relationships. If you do meet someone new, no matter what manner, Psyche can make it feel like you can read each other’s minds. This might be true, but it’s no reason to throw caution to the wind and hitch your wagon to theirs.

I’m also not telling you to go hide in a closet. All those Leo transits can mean a plethora of possibilities in terms or lovers – past/present/potential.  For some of you this could mean finding just the right “type” among friends with children or through a children’s group /association.

You can do this Pisces, without sacrificing your heart, self-worth and self-esteem. Get out there and enjoy yourself!


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Dr. Anne Reith on New Moon in Leo. July 23, 2017

New Moon in Leo

Article by Dr. Anne Reith, PhD

Sunday, July 23.  This New Moon finds the Moon and Sun in conjunction (0°) at 1° of Leo.  To further clarify how this New Moon will impact you on a personal level, locate 1° of Leo in your birth/natal chart.  The issues associated with that house are going to be most influenced by this New Moon’s presence.

This New Moon in Leo is the start of a very important astrological period that will actually extend through the next two months (through mid-September).  This will include the eclipse cycle that begins with the Aquarius Lunar Eclipse on August 7 and peeks with the Leo Solar Eclipse on August 21.

The Solar Eclipse will actually be a second New Moon in Leo, so we get two New Moons in Leo this year.  This first one on July 23 occurs at 1° of Leo, and the New Moon on August 21 occurs at 29° of Leo.  This means there will be an introduction (1°) to this new energy and then a culmination or completion (29°) of this energy.

All New Moons always represent new beginnings and a chance to set new intentions or goals in the areas associated with the sign.  The keywords associated with Leo include self-confidence, big hearted-ness, love, loyalty, idealism, pridefulness, drama.  It is a fire sign in a fixed modality.  Leo’s energy is often associated with both the solar plexus chakra (identity) and the heart chakra (love).  It is also the sign most often associated with the ego.  As many of my students have heard me say, I feel that the ego has gotten a bad rap in the field of metaphysics.  We all need an ego in order to live effectively and peacefully in our society.  Without some rules, societal chaos would ensue.  For example, I don’t know about you, but I want drivers to stop at red lights.  But the ego, as with any aspect of our personality, can serve us well or be taken to excess.  All astrological signs, including Leo, require us to use our free will choice to embrace the higher expression of the energy rather than the lower expression.  With Leo, it’s all about making choices based on heart-felt love versus ego-fueled drama.

This first of two Leo New Moons is providing us with an opportunity to begin the process of determining how we want to express our identity and our ego in the world.  Given this is the beginning of a series of Leo events, this one may entail pulling inward for introspection and contemplation – particularly when it comes to how we want to use our unique and creative gifts in the world around us.  We might want ask ourselves, “Where do I want to shine my light and create something that reflects my unique identity?”

The Sun and Moon are also in a very close conjunction (0°) with Mars in Leo, which just entered Leo on July 20 (and will remain there until September 6).  Mars adds energy, strength, motivation, assertiveness, courage, and self-confidence to this New Moon.  Mars in Leo is sometimes described as “the Warrior of the Heart,” and we may, therefore, be more willing than usual to take an emotional risk.  This could be especially true if our action involves moving in the direction of expressing ourselves in a heart-centered leadership role.  However, this combination of Mars and the New Moon may also nudge us toward looking carefully at where we might be overly “prideful.”  This would be a good time to think about how we react when our ego is wounded.  If you aren’t sure, look for when you get particularly angry.  Although not always the case, this type of reaction (i.e., where you want to roar like a lion) often occurs when our ego is bruised.

Mars likes being in Leo because Leo is a fire sign.  We will likely have an abundance of energy!  Being active, athletic, and playful are good outlets for this energy.  However, if you were to look up into the sky, it would be difficult to see Mars right now.  Given its close proximity to the Sun, it means that the light of Mars is dimmed.  The Sun is often thought to override the energy of Mars when they are close together, as they will be for another five weeks or so.  However, this is an important time when we are being asked to look inward to see where the lower expression of Mars (e.g., aggressive, childish, self-centered, controlling) may be sabotaging our goals.

An opposition (180°) between Venus & Saturn during this Leo New Moon will likely help us see this shadow side of Mars very clearly.  This aspect says that the way out of problems is to focus on responsible love, especially in the areas of our relationships and finances.  Remember, Leo is all about love, but it needs to come from a place of ego-less giving and not giving with the goal of being acknowledged.  A square (90°) between the New Moon and Uranus adds further emphasis on the need for self-reflection.  Now is a good time to ask ourselves questions like, “How much is my self-esteem dependent on the approval of others?” “Am I allowing my true self to be dimmed for fear of judgment from others?”, and “Are my behaviors determined by what will get me recognition or are they aligned with giving from my heart without expectation of return?”

A supportive trine (120°) between Mercury and Saturn will likely help us mentally sort everything out, and another trine (120°) between the New Moon/Mars and Chiron shows us that deep healing is entirely possible if we are willing to face our inner wounds, especially if related to a wounded ego.  The next two months are highlighting how important it is to have a self-esteem that is based on an internal sense of well-being rather than external sources of approval.

On Tuesday, July 25, Mercury enters Virgo.  Normally, Mercury stays in a sign for about three weeks.  However, during the month of August, Mercury will be going retrograde in Virgo, which means an extended stay in Mercury’s home sign (i.e., the retrograde period will be August 13-September 4).  Mercury is a happy camper in Virgo.  Our thoughts and words will become more precise, analytical, and detailed.  Recent messes can be cleaned up, and organization will be much easier.  Virgo is also associated with our physical health, so we may be analyzing this area of our life and/or changing how we think or talk about our health.  The only warning is that Mercury in Virgo can push us into being hyper-critical of others and ourselves.  As with all astrological events, it’s our choice how we use this energy.

On the last day of the month (Monday, July 31), Venus enters Cancer, where it will remain until August 27.  When Venus is in emotional Cancer, we may feel more vulnerable than usual.  This may prompt us to feel like we want to turn inward or withdraw to a safe place in order to protect ourselves.  But lots of love and nurturing awaits those of us who have earned the right to follow someone into their safe place because Cancer is all about the maternal need to mother (for men or for women).  And if we withdraw alone, this can be a very self-loving, self-nurturing time.  But don’t use this energy as an excuse to escape or run away.  Retreat until you feel strong enough to come back into the world and re-engage in a nurturing way with others.  Also remember that it’s OK to look back at the past, but don’t get lost in the nostalgia and forget to live fully in the present.

On Wednesday, August 2, Uranus will start its annual retrograde period, which will extend all the way until January 1, 2018.  This means that all three of the outer planets will be in retrograde for almost all of August and September.  All retrograde periods tend to turn our attention inward, and society as a whole, may be doing some soul searching regarding bigger issues related to humanity, oneness, and how we can all live together in harmony on this big, watery planet of ours.  But all three outer planets are very slow moving, so their influence is often subtle.  With the addition of Uranus to the retrograde mix, we may find drawn to explore areas of our lives where we can express more freedom.  Come the first of the year when Uranus turns direction again, we will likely be ready to take steps to express our individuality in a new way.  But in order to take those first steps, some things internally may need to shift.  With Uranus involved, it means that those internal changes may be prompted by unexpected external events.  It’s always a good idea to remember that the energy of Uranus is often described as “change or be changed.”  Everything will go more smoothly if you work with the energy and don’t fight to hold onto something that no longer serves us.

Overall, this New Moon in Leo is like the match that lights the fuse leading up to a dramatic explosion of eclipse energy in August.  This first of two Leo New Moons is a time to prepare by going inward.  We need to explore new habits of self-approval and heart-centered giving and leadership.  We always serve ourselves and others best when we lead with our hearts.  This will lay the foundation for the powerful growth opportunities to come.  Another way to look at this New Moon is that we each need to make continual, moment-to-moment choices between love and drama.  Therefore, this would be a good time to remember that:

Drama doesn’t just walk into your life out of nowhere. You either create it, invite it, or associate with people that bring it.


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