So You Have Your Natal Chart. Now What?

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Well you have your birth chart and you’re looking at it.
So the questions becomes: Now What?
How does one read all the information contained within it?
Aspects, houses, planets, angles, elements, signs…It can all be very overwhelming!!!

But fear not, Travelers!!!
I’m going to share a secret with you…one in which you’ll be able to read your birth chart in 8 minutes or less.  Really?


Grab your pencils…ready?

Here is a 5-8 minute method of analyzing your chart and it’s designed to get “just the facts, Ma’am” motivations of the chart you’re looking at…and yes, this even includes yours.

  1.  Sun Always look at the Sun first in a chart. This tells you what the Soul is here to do in this life and it must be done by the house the sun is in. What’s the style (sign) that sun is in?
  2.  Direction – What direction are you headed in? How are you getting there? What’s your “armor or defense mechanism? This information is found in the Rising Sign.
  3. What planet(s) rule the Rising Sign? What houses are they in?  This will tell you what area you’ll have to cultivate to get to where you’re going.  This information will show how you properly express yourself. Once you know this, then SHINE ON! And do it to The Most.
  4. What do you really need? Where do you go or what do you do when you get down, sad or feel blue?  Look to the Moon  What house and sign is the moon in?
  5.  What and where are your scary monsters and demons?  What scares the pants off of you?  Find Saturn  Saturn by sign and house will point out what frightens you and how.

Okay.  That’s it.  Now, Hop to it!

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