Neptune Retrograde 2017

Image result for image neptune retrogradeNeptune retrograde began on June 16th, 2017, falling at 14 Pisces.  It will end November 22, 3017 at 11 Pisces.

Neptune entered it’s home (ruling) sign of Pisces on February 3, 2011 and will be in Pisces until December 2026.  Typically, when we see Neptune enter it’s own ruling sign, we think of spiritual enlightenment or awakening, but more often than not, Neptune in Pisces can spell confusion – and lots of it.

Transiting Neptune Rx means that from 2011 – 2026, he will be moving backwards and forwards through the sign of Pisces and if you have any Pisces factors in your natal chart, Neptune will “touch” them. This can mean stuck people/situations or confused people/situations.  If you’re lucky, you might have natal Neptune RX and might be able to clearly everything you need to see while everyone else is running around in a dream. The reason for this is because, since you have natal rx Neptune, you’re used to dealing with painful, confusion situations so it’s no big deal when by transit, Neptune rx will pass over or “transit” by. If natal, this is a karmic placement and can mean that you prefer to “escape” your reality rather than deal with the pain of facing the “truth” or higher spiritual meaning.  Natal Neptune Rx could be a past life experience that was very painful, but for whatever reason, you have chosen to hang onto that pain in this incarnation.

About 40% of the population have natal Neptune Rx, so don’t feel like you’re all alone. You’re not.

But for those of you have “regular” Neptune in your chart, he still spells confusion. Wherever you find Neptune (sign & house), this is where you will never be able to see things clearly. Where you will always be caught up in illusion or at the very least, not to see the “reality” of a person/situation.  So when Neptune retrogrades for you, it can seem like someone ripped your rose-colored glasses off your face and suddenly, everything comes into crystal-clear focus.  But this can also be the time, when painful truths emerge – when you can finally see the “error” of your ways and want to kick yourself in the butt for being dazed and confused for so long.

If you have Bacchus sitting somewhere near Neptune or if Neptune makes an aspect to natal Bacchus – this could mean a year-long (or longer) drunken orgy of sex, drugs and alcohol if in the 5th house. If you have Neptune making a transit to Bacchus in your 2nd house, this could mean spending money like water and buying yourself everything that makes you feel good or that looks “beautiful”.

In either scenario, one day, Neptune goes retrograde and you realize (hopefully) that all that partying, drinking and sex has ruined your liver, made you look like hell and you might discover you’ve contracted an STD. If in your 2nd house, you can wake up to discover you’re now $30k in debt and none of the stuff you bought really has any point or purpose – you’re stuck with a bunch of crap you couldn’t sell at a yard sell and your mailbox is overflowing with “overdue/past due” notices.

Yes.  Neptune transits can be hell!  FRET NOT TRAVELERS!
I’m here to help you.

First, let’s try to identify when you’re in a Neptune transit, cause once you can identify it, you can be mindful of it:
1) Do you feel like you don’t know if you’re coming or going?
2) Have you met any people or been in any situations where you feel dazed and confused?
3) Do you feel like you’re sleeping or dreaming? Or do you feel like you’re sleeping walking or daydreaming?
4) Do you feel all at sea – like you’re FLOUNDERING around?
5) Do you constantly feel like you’re getting lost or that whatever plans you put into place just seem to drift off course?

If you answered yes, to any one of these questions, you might be in a Neptune Transit. If you answered yes to more than two or even all four – then you’re definitely in a Neptune Transit.

Image result for image pisces
Take a look at this picture. This aptly describes a Neptune transit.

The glyph for Pisces is two fish. But the two fish are swimming in different directions. Fish live beneath the waters, so this can be a vague feeling of being underwater and not knowing which way is up.  The fish are also connected, so this could mean not knowing how to extricate yourself or not even being sure if you should.  You can feel like you’re drowning and depending upon the person/situation, you may even like that feeling! And remember FLOUNDERING?  Well, Flounder is a fish. And a Neptune transit can bring out the Flakes (also a fish), flakey behavior and/or situations.

Neptune can make everything seem more surreal, more dreamy, more lovely, more mystical. Neptune can make you drop your boundaries and good sense – you know you should be closer to the shore, or have your life vest on, but instead, you keep swimming out farther and farther until finally you find yourself in the deep and sometimes underwater – BUT…YOU. DON’T. CARE.  It’s just too lovely down there.

Back when Neptune first moved into Pisces, he crossed 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 Pisces. Now, he’s reversed course through Pisces and will be moving 14, 13, 12 and back to the his original 11 degrees when he was direct. If you have any factors between 11-14 degrees Pisces, then know you are and will be experiencing Neptune.

Image result for image universal loveIf you’ve been deluding yourself, abusing or being abused, falling victim, martyring, denying/self denial about anything – true love, your financial situation, your work/career…Neptune Rx is here to slap you in the face with the brutal reality of truth. This can portend a time when all of your inner fears, anxieties and worries should come into clear focus and hopefully, you will be able to see what you’ve been avoiding and why. This retrograde transit should force you to look at where your boundaries have been dissolved, where you swam off course, threw away your map, trashed your GPS, tossed away your phone. Then it will ask you why you did this? It will also give you the opportunity to face your deep pain and to heal it. And for some of you, Chiron Rx in Pisces might mean that you’ll be able to come out of this and teach others about how to heal by using the “error” of your ways as an example.
Neptune is the Higher Octave of Venus, so if Venus represents beauty for beauty’s sake, being in love with love and existing on the material plane, then Neptune is about Universal love, Universal Beauty and Existing in the Universal Unconscious Collective.

When Neptune is abound, he can manifest as people, situations and organizations; sometimes when he manifests as a person, this could  mean personality changes. People can seem “drunk”, loopy, spacey, softer than usual or super gentle…like nothing bothers them too much – they can just seem to “turn on, tune in and drop out”. This phrase was made famous in 1966 by Timothy Leary, when he was speaking to the gathering of hippies in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco California, at the Human Be-in fest. If you’ve ever seen old documentaries of this…then you’re looking at a situational/generational Neptune Transit.

Image result for richard ramirez
Richard Ramirez. “The Night Stalker”

If a person, then the person themselves will be or create muddle, chaos and confusion like Richard Ramirez aka “The Night Stalker”. Serial killer, satanist, rapist and burglar who still managed to gain a cult of women who were in love with him while he was on on death row.  One married him.

These people can have a powerful influence on you. Neptune rules the seas and oceans where there is also fog, mists and storms, making it difficult to see the lighthouse on the shore. How can you spot a Neptunian? This person will have three or more factors in Pisces. And if you’re not a Pisces, but dealing with one, then remember, Neptune is their ruler so they can add a “dazed & confused” element into your life.

Now…I mentioned help some paragraphs ago, and I’m sure you’re wondering how I can do this. I’m going to tell you by sign, where Neptune is abound in your chart. This should help you identify the area/person/situation/organization that has you feeling all funny.

Using the Solar or Sun Sigh chart:

Aries Sun – Neptune is Rx in your 12th house. This might be most difficult as this puts Neptune in Pisces in its ruling house, the 12 house.
Taurus Sun – Neptune is Rx in your 11th house of friends, groups, organizations, humanitarian causes.
Gemini Sun – Neptune is Rx in your 10th house of career, work, social status, personal ambition. This can even include the company/corporation you work for.
Cancer Sun – Neptune is Rx your 9th house of foreigners, higher education, long distance travel, religion, philosophy and differences on values.
Leo Sun – Neptune is Rx in your 8th house of joint resources, death, taxes, alimony, child support, mortgages, inheritances.
Virgo Sun – Neptune is Rx in your 7th house of marriage, partnership, cooperative relationships/ventures.
Libra Sun – Neptune is Rx in your 6th house of work/service/duty to others but also yourself.
Scorpio Sun – Neptune is Rx in your 5th house of babies, lovers, children, self-expression and self-creativity.
Sagittarius Sun – Neptune is Rx in your 4th house of home, family, heritage, hometown, country, land, property.
Capricorn Sun – Neptune is Rx in your 3rd house of sales, negotiations, your voice, your message, how you are seen or put your message out into the world, early education, neighborhoods and siblings.
Aquarius Sun – Neptune is Rx in your 2nd house of personal monies, moveable possessions, bank accounts, values, personal property.
Pisces Sun – Neptune is Rx in your 1st house of self, ego, what you project into the world, how you are seen by others, how you see yourself.

Now grab your Astrology primer and read up on the houses. The houses will show you what area/department of life in which you might be able to gain more clarity during this Neptune Rx transit. Factors of 11-14 Pisces (and remember, Neptune will be traveling backwards so that means he’ll be at 14 first, then 13, then 12, etc) means that from now until November, when Neptune stations direct, will be a long time, yes, but the Universe in its wisdom is giving you approximately 5 months to get your butt in gear and address those things that have been vexing you – perhaps your entire life.
You can do this.

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