How to Use the New Moon in Leo – July 23, 2017

New Moon 0 Leo, July 23, 2017

The New Moon July 23, 2017 will fall in the sign of Leo at zero degrees. (You can click on the image to enlarge)

Anytime a planet falls at zero degrees means the “start” of something.

In looking at the chart above (set for 0Aries/New York time), we see there Pluto17 Capricorn will square Jupiter 15 Libra and Saturn 22 Sagittarius square Venus 20 Gemini and Uranus 28 Aries square New Moon 0 Leo.

Pluto in Capricorn square Jupiter in Libra, for example, could be someone wanting to exert power and take control (Pluto) instead of being cooperative and pleasant (Jupiter).
Saturn in Sagittarius could be someone being too rigid, fearful and dogmatic (Saturn) about a situation/idea (Sagittarius), whereas Venus in Gemini is being too  beautiful (Venus) and flighty (Gemini) to care.
Uranus in Aries could be you suddenly (Uranus) wanting to change your dress or appearance (Aries), but your lover, friends or children (Leo 5th House) tell you in no uncertain terms that look a hot mess and hurt your feelings (Moon).

This last aspect, Uranus square Moon is the one I would watch out for as it can bring up frayed nerves, short tempers, deep fears, insecurities and irrational behaviors.  This can be a quick, hot, dangerous energy, so try to keep your cool a few days leading up to the New Moon and a few days after.

You will feel these aspects more if you have them natally in your chart, and you can feel them if one or more of these planets transit some of your personal planets – especially Venus and the Moon as these are two of the classic personal planets.  You can find out more about these planets and houses by hitting the search bar using the following terms:
“Introduction to the Planets”  or  “Houses”, “Aspects”.

But I’m going to share with you a few things that might help you get through this short transit of the New Moon, so keep reading.

Leo rules the 5th house  and the terrain it rules is pleasure, creative self-expression, falling in love, playfulness and children.  According to astrologer Steven Forrest:

When this zone is successfully navigated, it can bring about the joyful anticipation of each day; the development of a creative outlet through which tangible evidence of one’s internal processes may be expressed and the capacity to establish initial rapport with interesting strangers.

When out of balance, the energy of this house can become abusive, self-destructive, uncontrollable relationships with particular pleasures, creative blocks and the inability to relax and play.

The 5th house of Leo also rules children, babies and lovers or at the very least, junior demographics – this can extend to godchildren, adopted children, children’s organizations or even lovers who have children from previous relationships or who could get you pregnant some day.  This house can also rule IVF (in-vitro fertilization).

What is most true about the 5th house is that it represents the energy of being young, playful and finding joy in simple ways – like that of a baby or small child.

As humans, we deeply need joy.  Its lack or absence in our life is as fatal as a ten year fast or a month without oxygen.  We wither when we do not sparkle from joy in our lives..  We can become cold, mechanical and bitter.

As we move through life and situations, it can be difficult at times to sustain joy.  Our bodies hurt; our bills pile up and silly dramas can sour our relationships. Not to mention the real world themes of power-hungry heads of government or threats of war.  But in the face of all these things, there really is only one force between us and despair – the force of pleasure.

In some way, pleasure is what keeps us in the world – it’s presence undeniable and on an immediate level.  And this is really what the Fifth house is all about – pleasure.

The old traditional descriptions of this house used to read like a hedonist’s wish list: parties, love affairs, horse-racing, luxuries, games and debauchery.  Yes, these things can give us pleasure, but they require graceful navigation.

But think how Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni felt when he stood and admired what is to be his most famous lasting legacy.  Who is Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni?  He is known simply as “Michelangelo” and his most famous lasting legacy is the Sistine Chapel.

Now imagine how the Buddha must have felt when his mind was finally silenced underneath the Bodhi tree.  Pleasures can be full impact or they can be subtle, yet they arise out of a person’s vision and out his individuality.

But what is pleasure – how can it be defined?  It can be meditation, “falling in love” at ninety years old, creating art, sitting peacefully or simply making a new human connection. All these things are part of the 5th house.

Guilt – image courtesy google images

However, unsuccessfully navigating this house can mean getting hung-up on a single pleasure and forgetting that there are so many others. Think of it this way, you can get drunk at a party on New Year’s Eve and be none the worse for it – you could even be richer for it.  But get drunk every night and it becomes a different situation.  Your life can fall apart right before your very eyes…and YOU’RE NOT EVEN HAVING ANY FUN!

The signs and planets falling within the Fifth house can give a prescription for the maintenance of joy.   So let’s say you have Uranus in Leo or the Fifth house. You may have been an unusual child or may have an unusual child on your hands. For you, perhaps your parents were more like friends or you attempt to be more of a friend or parent to your child. As a child, you may have been “different” or stood out within our groups of childhood friends. And as an adult, you will tend to have very unique, different or “oddball” groups of friends.  Of course this is just an example and will depend wholly on what planets and what sign sits on your 5th house.  If you want to know more about the Fifth house and the energy of the different planets that sit in all your houses, just hit the search button and type in what you’re looking for.

But those signs/planets in the Fifth house symbolize  a specific range of pleasures – some focused on the body, some on the intellect and some focused on the level of spirit.  Get to know them all and learn to enjoy them all. Develop the skills and habits they require and guard against doing too much of any single one thing. If you can do this, then even at death, they won’t be able to wipe the smile off your face and those crow’s feet around your eyes and the laugh lines around your mouth will have been well earned.

Fail at this, and even the good things that come you way will be of no use to you.

Experience Happiness

The sign of Leo is ruled by the sun and it is also associated with royalty (the Lion), heirs/heiresses, princes/princesses. I tell you this because it is well known that Royalty know how to live. Not necessarily through entitlement, but through the energy of knowing that they are “special” and thus should be treated so.  During this new moon in Leo, here are a few tips to help you get in touch with Royal, playful side of yourself.

Look to where Leo falls in your chart (the house) and this will tell you the area of life which will be triggered in which you can channel your inner Leo.

  1. Show Off.  Leo energy is generous, magnanimous and can even be a tad of a showy. To quote Oprah Winfrey: “The more we praise and celebrate our lives, the more we have to praise and celebrate.”  This would be a great time to take a holiday or even a short weekend trip or to dream up your next getaway.
  2. Flirt.  Leo energy is always down for the fun of flirtation – one is never too old for that. So whether your single/attached/married relationships can always benefit from fresh new ways to share fun and joy. Bring your sexy back or just take a good friend out to dinner.
  3. Get Creative.  Whatever creativity means to you – sewing, cooking, gardening, paint, draw or go fishing – it’s time to get back to that part of yourself. Take this opportunity to brighten and lighten up. Adults are often so serious.  Channel your “inner-child”.
  4. Love Yourself.  Be giving, and open your heart.  You can do this by paying something forward, for example.  Take the time to DO YOU. It’s about self-love and love is never arrogant.  Use this time to work on your confidence or leadership skills.
  5. Spoil Yourself. Or spoil someone you love. Indulge and live a little. It doesn’t cost a lot of money to indulge yourself.  You can simply go somewhere, take your shoes off and walk barefoot through the grass. But if you do, make sure you really get the feel of the grass between your toes and the earth under your feet.  If you want, you can even shake your shimmy or sashay like mad….no sense in hiding your light under a bushel!
Say Yes

Say Yes to New Adventures

You never know when one will come along that change completely change our life.

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