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Here are instructions with pictures on how to create your free natal chart with transits at

Homepage for

Look for the menu item “Free Horoscopes”.
Hover your mouse over this item and a secondary menu will pop out. Go over to lower right hand corner of this secondary menu and look for “Extended Chart Selection” OR you can click on “Free Horoscopes”…when you do, you will see this:

Extended Chart Selection – Click here








From here, you will be taken to the window where you can either create your free profile (this will save your information on the database) or you can choose to register as a guest (this will require you re-enter your information each time you come to check the transits):

User or Guest Registration shot
Blank Profile creation shot

Once you’ve decided on how you wish to use the service, you will then create your profile..this is an example profile I used for the purposes of this post:

Profile input with fields

Click “continue” and you will be taken to the following screen to create your chart:

Chart creation page

The above image is for a single natal chart. But as you can see, you also have the option of a partner chart as well. For your personal transits, select “natal chart”.  From here, you can either click “Show the Chart” button or you can  select the date of the transit or the date you wish to look at for transits. For example…if I want to know where Venus will be August 8, 2017…I will put in that date where it says:
“Start charts with dates marked”...
You can also change the house system…the default is Placidus which most people use. However, I have found Koch house system to be much more accurate. This might change the position of the planets/house cusps a bit, but not much.

Then you want to scroll down to where you see this:

You will want to check the boxes for “Mean Node” and “Descending Node”. This will show you the positions of your North & South Nodes.
But as you can see, you can also use the “Additional Objects” box on the left to add in asteroids. To add several at a time from the pre-created list, hold down CRTL key and check the boxes of the asteroids you want.

Then if you look beneath this box, you will see a text input line. This is where you can add even more asteroids. The max amount of additional objects is 11, and below the text input line, is the list of all the named asteroids. You can click on this list to view. all the asteroids.

Now, if you just wish to view the transit of Jupiter, for example, you do NOT need to put in “additional objects”, however it is good to make sure that you have the Nodes checked as this will show you if Jupiter will transit over your North and South nodes. Transits over the Nodes can change your life.
Once you have the chart setup with everything you want to look at click “CLICK HERE TO THE SHOW CHART”.

Chart WITHOUT Transits

The example shot above ↑ shows a natal chart WITHOUT TRANSITS.
In order to view transits, simply look for the “with transits box” which I have highlighted in this example. Once you click that, you will get this:

Chart WITH transits (outside of wheel)

The above image ↑shows the fixed position natal chart with the planets transiting around the outside wheel.
If you wish to see further into the future or even go back into the past, you simply need to click “Back to chart selection” button which is located above the “With Transits” button and input the date you want.

Once you’ve done this, read about Getting Lucky.

Don’t have your personalized chart with the asteroids yet? You can get it free, here on my website just for joining the membership.

Image result for membership banner image

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