Maintaining Authority and Authenticity

Learning to trust the wisdom that is inside us will help our lives immensely. But our upbringing often leads us to seek authority from others or from powerful institutions, and to neglect our own wisdom.

We discover our own authority when we begin to live authentically. We can do this when we consult our own needs, desires and inspirations – when we disconnect from narrow frameworks or rigid structures that straight-jacket the mainspring of our lives. These sets of rules may have become so constraining that we have no freedom whatsoever. When we free ourselves from the habits of such behavior, our confidence increases and our own lives are lived powerfully and authentically.

You have to be faithful to the mystery taking place in your heart, rather than to any idea or system that would try, even with the best of motives, to disempower you and make you theirs.

You have lived for a long time and your experience is valuable: allow what you’ve learned to be a teacher that expands, rather than narrows your world.

Here are a few tips that can you help you formulate a Blueprint for a Healthy Mind:

  1. Take the initiative for your own thoughts and intentions.
  2. Clear outworn beliefs that you no longer hold.
  3. Control the fantasy factory by creating positive mind-paths.
  4. Train and strengthen your mind.
  5. Check that your beliefs are YOURS and not really SOMEONE ELSE’S.
  6. Evict mental tape-loops, negative thoughts and anxieties regularly.
  7. Be true to yourself with spiritual integrity.
  8. Deal analytically and CALMLY with things and people that try to influence you.
  9. Trust the wisdom inside of you.
  10. Try to store good memories as a continual source of help and transform the difficult ones.

I do hope this helps 😉

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