Akashic Records Consultation Form

This is the Consultation Form Only.

This free 15 minute phone consultation is to determine if I can do two things:

1. Access your Akashic Records.

2. Work with you within the Akashic Records as depending upon the Soul’s condition, I may be unable to assist you.

If I am unable to access your Akashic Records or work with you in your Akashic Records, the consultation is concluded.

If I am ABLE TO ACCESS your Akashic Records and work with you in your Akashic Records, we can then move forward with the Full Reading.

The free consultation is conducted through Viber

When completing the Consultation form, please include the following:

***1. Full legal name ( First, Middle, Last) is usually what is found on your driver’s license/identification.

***2.  PLEASE ENTER YOUR BIRTH DATE IN THE FOLLOWING FORMAT: (Month/Day/Year) where the month is written out and not in numbers.  Example:  June 1, 1972.****

***Please allow 24-48 hours response***