Akashic Records Consultation Request (Booking Form Only)

Akashic Records Consultation

 Before booking a reading, if you are unclear about anything, please EMAIL me before you book.

You may Contact me here

ALL readings require a free 15 minute phone consultation to speak with the client about their concerns and to determine if I can work with you within the Akashic Records as depending upon the Soul’s condition, I may be unable to assist you. 

DO NOT SUBMIT PAYMENT before receiving the consultation.

Both the free consultations and the readings are conducted through Viber.

This reading can take sometimes take approximately  a week to complete. I maintain contact throughout the process and update on the time frame about completion. After the reading is fully completed, I provide you with the presentation by phone.  This can take up to an hour.  Again, if you have any questions please email me before booking, as there are no refunds for this reading.

♣♣♣Booking Form Tip:  You are not required to hit the back button that appears on this form after submission.  Just complete information and submit.♣♣♣

*** Full legal name ( First, Middle, Last) is usually what is found on your driver’s license/identification.

***PLEASE ENTER YOUR BIRTH DATE IN THE FOLLOWING FORMAT: (Month/Day/Year) where the month is written out and not in numbers.  Example:  June 1, 1972.****

***Please allow 24-48 hours response***