Maintaining Authority and Authenticity

Learning to trust the wisdom that is inside us will help our lives immensely. But our upbringing often leads us to seek authority from others or from powerful institutions, and to neglect our own wisdom. We discover our own authority when we begin to live authentically. We can do this when we consult our own … Read moreMaintaining Authority and Authenticity

Full Moon in Aries. The Elephant in the Room

Article by Dr. Anne Reith, PhD Before we even get into the Full Moon, let’s acknowledge the elephant in the living room.  The last few weeks have been rough!  Between the hurricanes, earthquakes, fires in the USA, and various national and international social/political issues, many of us feel that our nerves have been stretched to … Read moreFull Moon in Aries. The Elephant in the Room

Neptune Retrograde 2017

Neptune retrograde began on June 16th, 2017, falling at 14 Pisces.  It will end November 22, 3017 at 11 Pisces. Neptune entered it’s home (ruling) sign of Pisces on February 3, 2011 and will be in Pisces until December 2026.  Typically, when we see Neptune enter it’s own ruling sign, we think of spiritual enlightenment … Read moreNeptune Retrograde 2017

The Difficulty of Dealing With Emotions.

Hi Travelers. Today’s post is about emotions. Emotions can be powerful, painful, surprising and frightening and they can sometimes be so overwhelming, that they can sometimes cause us to repress them.   When we do this, it becomes like a single drop into a deep pool…even though there may not be any major upheaval on the … Read moreThe Difficulty of Dealing With Emotions.

The Art of Love

Hello Travelers. Here’s a short note on the Art of Love, Loving, Being Loved and Receiving Love.  It is easy for us to sometimes give our love away to people who do not reciprocate or appreciate just what it takes to open your heart to them. More importantly, it easy for us to give our … Read moreThe Art of Love

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