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    • Hi Nadine.

      Each month I have to create 24 videos for the website; videos for The Open Readings on YouTube AND personal video readings for clients who purchase them.
      This is why I say in each video: “The reading may not resonate with you and that in order to gain more insight into your situation, requires a personal reading.”

  1. Boy have i felt disconnected for the last week without the transit watch and valuable information that you send out all the time. I let the time expire on my membership and then had to wait to renew. I was so sad to see all the articles posted and knew that i couldnt even read them….cant wait to see whats coming up this year.


  2. Tara,
    I am so grateful for all that you have done to enlighten me on my path. I found you in September 2015 and i have been glad to support your work since. I’ve been able to find clarity in every service that you’ve provided to me from the transit watch toturial to the akashic records reading. You are truly a valued advisor and kind spirit. I will be in touch…


  3. Tara knows her stuff!
    She’s one of my favorite tarot readers/astrologists. She studies to help hone her craft and it shows. I like her curiosity because she looks at things through a lot of different lenses; she’s thorough and offers great insight and ideas. She’s right when she says that it’s hard to tell time with tarot.

    She did a reading for me and said that someone had wronged me/done something behind my back and that it would be coming to light. I rolled my eyes. Sure enough, within about one week, out of left field, I was made aware of what someone was doing.

    I strongly recommend Tara do a reading for you – you won’t regret. She’s also funny as heck and has a huge heart!

  4. Simply Amazing Tara!!
    I have had 3 video tarot readings with you and each and every time, everything you say is so right on. The way you see so much with just a birth date, name and sun sign is truly awesome, especially without knowing one’s situation. You have such a gift and I am honored that you make it available to all. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
    Blessings to you,

  5. I just have to say Wow! Tara blew me away with her transit chart tutorial session i’ve had with her! She was absolutely patient (a lot of Mercury Rx mishaps) with me on scheduling and through out the entire session! She made it so easy, literally step by step on what to click and where to go and how to read your chart! I’ve always loved her from YouTube open readings (first tarot reader I followed, when I learned about this tarot world on YouTube) and now as a annual member, I couldn’t be happier be part of her client. She is so genuine and truly wants her clients to get the best messages from her services. Thank you so much Tara, you have gone above and beyond for me during our sessions. I’ve learn so much from you and the guidance you gave me was truly a gift. I know Universe has aligned me to you for a reason! You have such a gift, that we our all thankful to have you as our reader! Thank you again and sending you many blessings, Love and Light! ✨🙏🏼✨Namaste 💖

    • Hi Spark!
      Thank you so much for your insight into the transit tutorial product! I know it was a lot of information, but as I said…this tutorial is very comprehensive and can really help you to understand how I read charts and how you can do so yourself.
      I’m glad this helped you and good luck on your new J-O-B!
      Let me know how it goes and remember….you can always choose a different path!

  6. Just stopping in to say hello and let you know I appreciate you. I look forward to your open readings so much. I really feel like you came into my life at the right time and I enjoy knowing about you and following your work. I’m hoping over this holiday weekend I can take a little time to look through these pages. It’s been awhile and I think my membership is ending soon… but I definitely want to join again. Love to you – Jen

    • Hi Janice.
      You will have to access the video galleries through the Member’s Area link. After you login, please look for Member’s Area link on the page.
      Each video gallery has a separate password and it is located underneath Gallery link. For example: if you want to view the November Romance gallery, go to Member’s Area, find the link for that gallery and you will see the password under it.
      In future, if you have any technical/login/access issues, please use the Support Ticket link on the menu or once you get to the Member’s Area page.

  7. Tara,
    You have been in my thoughts since I watched your video. I am praying for your strength and guidance. I keep hearing you tell me during my reading, “is this real? Someone pinch me.” You were loved very much by him. Even if it was a short time Tara, you WERE loved. And that is a beautiful feeling that will always be with you as you go forward.
    God bless you as you have blessed us!
    Christine L Aguilar

  8. Tara, I just wanted to reach out and tell you how sorry I am for your loss. You have done so much for others with your gift, and I want you to know I will be holding you in my thoughts during your time of grief. I wish you all the strength and courage at this time, and know that you will come through this even stronger. I do want to share this with you – as I was listening to you tell the story of your loss, something crucial and important came through and I want to share it with you. As you were sharing your story, I got the sense that the reason your departed significant other came into your life was to give you back your faith. He came to brighten your world, as you shared that the area of love always seems to fall through for you. He was there as a beacon of hope, and wants you to cherish the time you two had together. You do so much for so many, and I just wanted to give something back to you. I am always so grateful when I hear your messages, and I value your gift — it is truly amazing. Keep smiling and keep strong.

  9. My heart goes out to you. The whole time I watched the video of you explaining the sudden death of your friend, all my heart was telling me that he needed your twinflame energy to help him bc subconsciously his time to go on the other side was coming for him. This is why he was drawn to you. Twinflame energy is vibrant and beautiful to everyone. I’m praying for you. Keep your head up because we need You! Be blessed!

  10. I’m so so sorry for your loss, my condolences you and his family.
    If you need time to grieve do that,don’t worry we all will be here when you are ready.
    Much Love to you!

  11. Tara, my heart goes out to you girl, I am so sorry, that is really shocking and horrible. The man I loved and had 4 years with died suddenly a couple of years ago, in my arms, there was no explanation as to why. It was the most devastating thing I had ever experienced. I’m sending you love and healing and the message that whatever you feel is ok, you have the right to your feelings and just know that I’m with you in spirit….

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