Personalized Astro Reading (Standard)

Image result for image zodiac wheelWondering if you will finally make your house move?

Like to know if you should change jobs or not?

Wonder if there is a new relationship on the horizon or if one may be ending?
If so, read on….

In this session, you are allowed three questions that are of importance to you. We will address these questions by utilizing your birth chart.   I will also teach you the following:

  1. How to read your transit chart from
  2. How to create different types of charts on
  3. How to “read” the transits.
  4. How to read asteroid transits using your Asteroid chart.

This session takes approximately 1.5hrs and in it we will discuss the natal planet positions in your chart.  During the course of the session we will use your asteroid chart to look deeper into your situation.

Once the session is completed, you should then be able to cast your own chart or several different types of charts on  You will also be able to read the transits for yourself, as well as have a deeper understanding of how the asteroids can play a part in your particular situation.

The product comes with a free standard natal chart for $141. 03.

**This reading is conducted using the Viber App***

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Standard Chart (16 Points)
$141.03 (usd)