Transit Tutorial

This is a 75 minute tutorial by Viber on how to create, cast and check transits in your birth chart using Astrodienst or (

If you have already created your chart, then now you need to know how to change the house system from Koch to 0Aries –  this will enable you to get two different astrology perspectives. I will also teach you how to cast a synastry chart if you wish to look at the synastry between you and another person, as well as how to cast a composite chart.

Astrology isn’t hard and I can show you the basics of chart casting and how to read what they are telling you. Member Price: $56.95
Non-Member Prices:
Asteroid 34 point chart reading: $134.19.


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Member Price:
$56.95 (usd)

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134.19 (usd)