Important Information on Booking Readings (READ 1st)

Hello Travelers.

Here’s some important information that you need to know when booking a phone reading with me

Most people who consult tarot readers and psychics end up giving out too much information before the reading.  There are many “readers/psychics” out there that do NOT possess either of those qualifications and this how people get suckered.  You’ve already given the so-called “reader/psychic” the entire story, so all they have to do is tailor their answers to fit what it is you want to hear.

The Tarot NEVER tells you what you WANT TO HEAR.  It always tells you what you NEED TO HEAR.

Below you find some tips on reading with me in order to gain the best possible experience:

  1.  PLEASE READ all information before making your purchase.
  2. Scheduling is typically 48-72 afters after payment/form submission.
  3. After you have done so, PLEASE DO NOT, send me a copy of your payment or an email telling me that you have filled out the form, also  My site is set up whereas, as soon as both payment and booking form are submitted, I am notified.
  4. On the form, please provide your name/birth date/sun sign ONLY AND the names, birthdates and SUN SIGNS ONLY of the people you wish to read on.
  5. In the BRIEF DESCRIPTION BOX…a BRIEF DESCRIPTION, i.e.:  “I would like to know if John is being honest with me about his feelings.”   My intuition does not require the whole story.  The Cards will tell the story. Also, please indicate if you have installed Viber.***I DO NOT NEED YOUR VIBER ACTIVATION CODE, ONLY THAT YOU HAVE INSTALLED VIBER.
  6. Day of reading, please be in a calm, quiet place to ensure best reading experience, have your questions ready and  please have pen and paper handy for notes.
  7. If you are contacting me from outside the United States, please be aware that I am on CST/GMT -6.  It will be up to you to do the day/date/time conversion for availability.
  8. Lastly, the cards do not do well with more than three people’s energies. So if you have a bunch of situations going on, decide which is MOST important and formulate your questions for what you’d like clarity on.

I hope this helps 🙂