Tarot Readings


The private video reading is for those clients that would like to view their readings several times in order to gain a deeper insight into the messages provided by the Tarot.

Please be aware that in the Video reading, there is NO Reader/Client interaction even though you might have questions after you view the reading.  I do go into great detail in the video reading, but if you feel you need interaction, I offer one phone reading – Straight No Chaser and you are free to book this reading if you wish.

If you are booking the video reading, pleases be aware that once the video is complete, I will email you the link to the email address you provide.  This link will be live for 7 days only, so please ensure that you are able to access the link and download the video to your preferred device.

After 7 days, the link will be deleted and there will be no way to recover it.

If you would prefer Reader/Client interaction, then you would be best suited to purchase a reading by phone.

Please allow 24-72hours after receipt of booking form and  payment to receive your reading.