Etheric Cord Cutting Session

 Etheric Cord Cutting


Etheric cords are like umbilical cords that connect one person’s aura to another person’s aura. Normally, when we are in positive relationship with another, we develop bonds that are healthy and beneficial to us. However, with etheric cords, the attachments formed are negative.

Let’s say you have a friend or relative that is always negative or depressed. Interaction with this person can lead to you also feeling negative or depressed because you are absorbing those feelings through etheric cord attachment.

Typically, we can have etheric cords with:

  • People who have hurt or abused you in some way
  • Family members
  • Friends
  • Lovers
  • Children
  • Co-Workers/Bosses/Clients
  • Anyone that you tend to spend or have spent significant time with

When these cords form, they usually attach to the body’s chakras (energy centers) and create in imbalance in thoughts, feelings and can even sometimes cause physical aliments. Clearing these cords brings you back into optimum energetic balance and harmony. It does not mean that your relationships will end or that you will lose contact with the person. Removing this negative energy between two people will actually assist in allowing love to form and grow in a healthy way.

I am only able to focus on one relationship per session and I check at the beginning of the session to see if you do have cords with the person you suspect.

In this session, I will identify the cords and which chakras are affected; discover if it is a major cord or minor and if it really needs to be cut and if there are several cords present, we can choose which cord you would like to cut.

**Please Note:  Cutting Etheric Cords DOES NOT MEAN that you sever the relationship.  It is simply a means to re-shift the energetic dynamic, re-ground and gain clarity.

The final presentation is a 45 minute to 1 hour session, conducted by Viber .

Please give 24-48 hours response to your booking request.

Price: $51.80(usd)
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