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  1. Tara,

    First let me tell you, since the first video of yours I watched, I absolutely love your directness. It makes me laugh and bite my tongue because very few people in my life have gotten away with being so direct and hitting my ego. I bite my tongue because I know I need to here this from you, it is for my own good. I know I have a choice to listen and I know I have the choice on how to utilize the advice you give me.

    Next for everyone else, I just conducted an astrology reading with Tara. I will first say, she was well prepared, she did her homework reading my chart(s). She explained everything in a way I could understand it and answered all my questions. The hard part was listening because the reading showed me not only the life lessons I need to learn and embody if I so choose (free will). It also hit home on the one major issue I face over and over and Tara showed me very uniquely how each individual that I faced these issues with came into my life, where, and when based on astrology. It was really amazing although a little gloomy given the hope I had. However, she also gave me very good news (hope so to say). So if you get a chance to do an astrology life reading with Tara, I highly recommend it; however, I will caution, prepare yourself to hear things you may not want to and with Tara’s direct approach (ripping the band aide), just be ready. I would recommend reading the ebooks Tara’s has posted and doing a little homework yourself prior to the reading as she has so much knowledge, it can quickly become overwhelming if you are not prepared.

    Tara, thank you as always. I really do appreciate all you have done for me. You know I am trying to apply these lessons I know I need to. I know it is always your hope that after reading for or helping someone, they never have to contact you again; however, I feel you will hear from me again and again because I the information delivered in the way you do, direct and to the point regardless how it strikes the ego. Much love!


  2. Hi Tara – I’m not sure why this is showing the year 2015 comments, but today is 8-6-2017. It seems as though so many of the transits are hitting my majors, Leo/Sun, Libra/Rising, Virgo/Moon, Cancer/Venus and Leo/North Node.. I just watched your open reading for August 7-8th and all I can say is that I was confused as you. I also read the weekly horoscopes you just posted. .All I know is that I feel apprehensive yet excited.. I’m not sure what to feel at this point. Should I just plain out be scared sh__less? Any thoughts on where these eclipses are going to effect me the most?

    Thanks for all time and effort you put into your readings and on your website!


    • Hi.
      And thank you.

      In order for me to answer your question requires you post your chart factors.
      Please refer to your ebooks, type Factors into the search bar or view the videos in the astrology gallery to better understand how to do this.

  3. Tara,
    I loved being your guinea pig the other night. I got some really good insight on what i need to be doing next. The astrological transit is a great product. I believe that i was able to get a glimpse of an opportunity that i have been waiting on all my life that will be coming my way through this eclipse. The oppotunity to tell my story and build something that everyone will be able to benefit from. Thank you so much Tara i will keep you posted on my progress. Keep pushing forwardbno matter what.

  4. Hi Tara, today in the open reading you said that it may not necessarily pick up on the next reading. You may not believe this but if you go all the way back to November with your open reading and looked at them as a love situation you would know my entire story you have know idea just how good you are today you were so on point I had to refrain from doing a holy dance(lol) and yes justice is coming thank you Tara from the bottom of my heart. Some day when my ship comes in and that will happen soon I’m going to count up my bill and send you an enormous check (pay pal)

  5. Hey Tara! By the Goddess, my higher self must have been playing with yours when you did your triad readings for 7/13/17. I, a Cappie Sun and Cancer Moon, just broke up with a pretty shifty dude, a Leo, who’d I’d also dated very briefly when we were younger. I broke it off after one year because he’s unstable financially and really can’t even provide for himself and his 2 kids, through his laziness and lack of motivation – not because he can’t. He tried to cling, to the point of borderline stalking, saying I needed to give him a chance. Long story short: he’d had a year of chances from me, during which he came up with a new excuse every week as to why he couldn’t get a real job, a car, a better place to live for himself and his kids. So this Cappie said: “I don’t want to, I don’t have to, so I’m not gonna.” TLDR: Guys, if you have any doubt that Tara is gifted, please allow me to dispel them, because she is definitely connected to Spirit. Tara, your guides are on the nose about these few weeks. Bright blessings!

  6. Hi Tara
    First of all, you are the only reader/spiritual person who always resonates with me on pretty much all your open readings. That said, I joined as soon as you started this web site and still have problems finding the monthly videos, and even trying to find where you want comments (now that we are not posting them to Facebook).
    In fact, your Pisces July reading is something I’ve been struggling with for some time. Love is not enough. His actions speak louder than his words. How do I go back to being “just friends ” when I want more of an commitment? (Just saying,no comment necessary)
    Anyway, what I need help from you is how do I know if I need akasha reading or just a private reading. What’s the difference? I’m at a point in my life where I don’t know what I’m here to do anymore. And if I can’t be with my soul mate, what should I be doing?
    Thanks for your insightful readings they really get me through this mess I call my life.

    • Hi Janice.
      And thanks for sharing your challenge.
      A private reading is simply one done with the cards. Depending on the length of reading purchased, there can be several questions, with many throws (laying out a spread) and I might end up using several different decks. Typically a reading will be done for 2wks out to 3months, but do know that there is no set timing within the Tarot.

      An Akashic Records reading is a highly specialized reading that has nothing to do with the Tarot. This reading can take up to a week to complete after which time, there is a presentation via Viber where we discuss the findings.

      I would suggest that if you have not seen the Akashic Records video in the Metaphysical Gallery, that you view that as it might give you a bit more information. What I will tell you most definitely, is that people who get Akashic readings, don’t ask if they need one, they usually just schedule the consult and we move forward. The reason for this is, because at the point the schedule the consult, they have already tried everything else and nothing has seemed to change for them.
      An Akashic Records reading really can change your life, but you also have to be ready and willing to do your part of the work.

  7. Hello! Hope all is well! I am interested in posting to the Astrology Forum, but I find the member page hard to navigate too… I can never find the videos and the Forums. I find I have to log out of the member area and log back in just to look at another other page in the member area. Could you maybe send me a link to the Forums?



    • Hi Kolie.
      First, you do not need to login/logout to access any information. Once you are logged into your member’s area, the page has all the links to your premium content. However, should you wish to view something different, you need to use the search bar. It is the looking glass icon located in the upper right hand corner of each screen. So if you’re reading an article and then wish to view a video, you simply type in “gallery”, hit enter and you should see the list of galleries come up.

      As for the “forum”, there is no out-right forum. Each article that is posted has a place for you to comment or ask questions about your chart.
      So, let’s say you have Neptune in the 5th house in your chart, you can either do a search for “houses” or “Neptune” and this will pull up several articles which you can read and ask your question or make a comment.

      If you hit the back button, WordPress will automatically log you out. So don’t use it. If you’re accessing the site mainly by mobile, you will still need to use the search tool as described above.
      I hope this helps.

  8. Greetings Tara,
    May this reach you in serenity and ease. I must give thanks for your intuitive gifts. The open reading #8 June 28 was more on point than you know. Trust. Everytime you said, “I don’t know” I responded, “oh, you giving it!” lol.

    Bliss and Harmony,

  9. i want to thank you for everything you do by doing these tarot readings. i really enjoy watching your videos, and it must be said that you’re my go to tarot reader when i need clarity and understanding. you always seem to be on target with how my life is unfolding, and have the answers and healing that i need to move forward. in terms of the June 1 reading, you are exactly correct. i was in a situation that i thought was going to end in a happy ending but it turned around quickly to be destructive and toxic. i admit i did not see it coming. i learned some things that made me withdrawal in sadness and despair, and realized this person turned out to be a real enemy of sorts. i’ve left the situation reluctantly because i wanted it to work but felt that this situation would not improve due to the actions, or inaction’s, of the other party. i want to wish you all the happiness and healing that you may need now or in the future because i feel that you have helped a lot of people in their lives through your videos. love and light to you and your loved ones Tara!

    • Hi Alicia.
      Thank you so much for you kind words. Yes, it is difficult when we come face-to-face with a past live connection. However, it is your willingness to be open to the lessons that can come out of it…the ability to look within ourselves to see what we need to work on or face personally This is the highest spiritual growth as if we can truly see ourselves, work on ourselves and try to improve ourselves to the best of our ability – this is the attainment of true spiritual growth and as a reward, the universe will ultimately gift us with the people/situations that will help us to continue on.
      Honor your feelings and emotions, no matter what they are, but also, do not lose sight of where it is you are trying to go.
      It may be difficult, but you can DO THIS 🙂

  10. Girl, I just want you to know that being a professional reader myself, its hard to find another reader I resonate with and I absolutely LOVE YOU and all the readings that I’ve seen (maybe the last 3 months)..

    I just think you’re wonderful and wanted to thank you for all the work you do to guide people to the right track that they will flourish on.

    Love to Sistar,
    ♡Jacqueline Moonbeam♡

  11. Reading #5 – what was it with this full moon? it knocked me around alot more than usual. I too was sick, nauseous, migraines, not much sleep, more intense dreaming………hmmm, heavy going. thankfully coming good, sparking up now. There was an odd script then 2017 popping up constantly at the top of the screen on the youtube, gremlins? or was it supposed to be English words?

    • Hi ZenFlames!
      Thanks so much for the peace and love.
      And if you feel as though I’m speaking “directly” to you, then consider it so. I always say:
      “Take what you can/disregard what you cannot”.
      I never know how the messages will come, nor who they might be for, I just pass them along. My hope however, is that no matter what the message or who it resonates with, that it helps/assists/and provides some measure if consolation if it is needed.
      This is why I do what I do 🙂

    • Zenflames…although the readings I post to my channel are general…if you get something out of the messages, then yes, consider that I am speaking directly to you!

  12. Hi Tara, I More often than not for get to like your video in my defense , because you’re the last word for me I listen to other readers while waiting for your videos but when your video comes out that’s when I make my decision on what to. I decided not to get a reading in the past just let the situation play out, because I really wasn’t ready to hear the truth but after the element earth reading the wait there’s more omg I have to get a reading can’t maneuver this young Taurus man without guidance (personal) from you I thought it best to not reconsider but you say he may actually be good for me smh I’ll be contacting you vvvveeerrryyy soon lol

    • Hi Becca!
      As for the 2nd half of that reading, there are many ways a person/situation can be “good” for you, but that does not always mean that you should engage with person/situation. I know that might be a bit confusing, think about it.
      Overall thought, Yes, a personal reading is always best.
      Thanks for sharing!

      • Yeah I know I was thinking in order to fulfill karmic debt and move on to the next phase The head or heart my heart seems to keep me in trouble (just kidding) thanks Tara

  13. Hi Tara, Just finished watching the earth elementals reading and for the past few weeks an X has been trying to wizzle his way back not to start a relationship but just to come back as a client since I am a massage therapist 3 1/2 yrs ago we met on a dating site ? So he has had surgery on both shoulders since the past 3 1/2 yrs he lied cheated he actually had women on the side I didn’t know about until I found out that did it for me no longer want to be around him don’t want to help him with NOTHING even tho I fell in love with him but his ways are not for me so he has been begging for an appointment and I keep saying NO! So the last part of the reading was that I should help him for a dept that needs to be paid or does it mean by me saying NO that’s his debt and karma how he treated me in the relationship I don’t know what to do it actually worries me cuz I don’t want to fall for any of his BS
    I am a Jan 10 64 Capricorn sun
    he is a Nov 21 63 Scorpio/Sag cusp sun
    I am a Scorpio moon he is a Capricorn moon wtf!!

    • Hi Emilia.
      I am unable to answer your question(s) specifically, as the readings posted onto Youtube are general. In order to gain any real clarity into your situation requires a personal reading, whereby I tune into the specific energies surrounding your situation.
      Thank you for sharing your story.

  14. Hi Tara your readings have guided my life for months now. I watch you from Argentina! On the last Earth reading I understood we could contact you about Mercury in Taurus? I’m not sure if this is the right place, if not please let me know.
    I have Mercury in the 29 degree of Aries in the 4th house, then Taurus Moon in 04 degree again in the 4th house, next to Sun (15 degrees)and Venus (24 degrees) both Taurus in the 5th house. I was wondering if you could tell me how this mercury retrograde will affect me since Im expecting to decorate my house and celebrate my birthday this friday hosting a dinner party but the cost of it scares me a little bit. Would you be able to shine some light on me? Thank you so much, I appreciate everything you do for us and send you the best energies ??

    • Hi Fuschia.
      I do not see that you have my Zero Aries natal birth chart, so am unable to address your questions.

      The offer to look at your chart is only for those who have gotten their charts from the membership here on the website.

      That being said…Feliz Cumpleanos!
      And thanks for watching ???

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