Personal Reading Testimonials

“Mysticism is the art of union with Reality.” ~Evelyn Underhill


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58 thoughts on “Personal Reading Testimonials

  1. Tara’s readings are without a doubt some of the best readings I’ve ever experienced. She is a talented, compassionate, and generous reader, adept at connecting and revealing multiple story-lines with wonderfully intuitive readings. She uses many spreads and clarifying decks to get to the root of each question. Her straightforward communication, wit, perspective have helped me through some of my most difficult circumstances in the last year. She pulls no punches and speaks with the utmost care and clarity about often painful emotional situations. I value her judgement and guidance immensely and have often referred her open readings to friends who also connect with her timely messages. Give time time and you’ll also find the crucial truth in her readings. Not long ago, I had a reading with her and was told a bit of information I couldn’t grasp at the moment. I didn’t know what she meant and I couldn’t see how it related to my concerns. In a matter of 4 weeks what she said to me in that reading came to pass, out of the blue and blindsided everyone else while I just sat and acknowledged, “Dang it, Tara was on point again!” Thank you for everything, Tara!

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