Transit Watch – August 2017


August is a very busy month astrologically. Uranus has stationed retrograde 28 Aries, Mercury will station retrograde August 13th, and then retrograde August 14th at 10 Virgo. Once these two planets go retrograde, there will be a total of 5 planets retrograde plus Chiron, the asteroid of audacious healing.

We will also have a Full Moon lunar eclipse 15 Aquarius, August 7th, to be followed by a New Moon Total Solar eclipse at 28 Leo.

And in the midst of this, we have huge transits across several signs simultaneously. In fact, there are so many transits happening, I had to give them a separate page instead of listing them with the weekly horoscopes.
I am giving you the transits for the entire month of August. You can check your chart against the listed factors and see what will match up. If you have questions, please post your factors here along with your challenge or you can book a personal astrological reading for more accuracy.

Grab your pencils and jot down the dates/factors that match yours.

Here are the Transits:


Cancer is the sign to associate with family members, particularly children, but also partners or former partners. We also draw in aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, grandparents and godparents here. Cancer is also the ruler of houses, apartments and all property. We also associate Cancer with spiritual property, so your heritage, culture, roots and your home town or homeland. If you have Cancer placements at these degrees (allow one degree either side) then close to the dates mentioned, you have now-or-never choices to make. You can decode the ‘how’ and ‘what’ of these choices using this website to find out more.


Tuesday 1st August
Fortuna 4 Cancer opposite Juno 4 Capricorn
Friday 4th August
Venus 4 Cancer opposite Juno 4 Capricorn
Monday 7th August
Venus 7 Cancer conjunct Fortuna 7 Cancer
Saturday 12th August
Venus 13 Cancer conjunct Ceres 13 Cancer
Tuesday 15th August
Venus 17 Cancer opposite Pluto 17 Capricorn
Sunday 20th August
Venus 23 Cancer opposite Diana 23 Capricorn
Monday 28th August
Ceres 20 Cancer opposite Ops 20 Capricorn


Leo rules sexual relationships, courtly love (at a distance), pregnancy, babies, children and young people. If you have factors at these degrees in Leo, or within one degree’s difference, this is an important month of choices and change, either on the day in question or very close to it. If you have not already read my story on the Leo weather on this website, have a look now.

Monday 7th August
Sun 15 Leo opposite Moon 15 Aquarius. Full Moon. Partial Lunar Eclipse.
Wednesday 9th August
Sun 17 Leo opposite Panacea 17 Aquarius
Sunday 13th August
Sun 20 Leo opposite Aesculapia 20 Aquarius
Mars 16 Leo opposite Panacea 16 Aquarius
Wednesday 16th August
Sun 24 Leo conjunct North Node 24 Leo
Saturday 19th August
Mars 19 Leo opposite Aesculapia 19 Aquarius
Monday 21st August
Total Solar Eclipse. New Moon. Sun 28 Leo conjunct Moon 28 Leo.
Sunday 27th August
Mars 24 Leo conjunct North Node 24 Leo


Virgo is associated with the mind, body and spirit connection. Physical health and well-being is a spiritual act, too – no matter if you are receiving or healing. Virgo is about duty and service and it is the tiny things – the small details – that make the biggest difference. If you have Virgo factors within one degree of these numbers, then very close to the dates in question, you will see just what it means to have a Virgo chart signature. The ‘how’ and ‘what’ can be found by using this website to decode your factors. Virgo is also very much associated with work, the daily routine, study and the business of making things function in your life, on a professional or academic basis. Perhaps the Virgo weather this month is as much about that, as it is about your body.

Wednesday 2nd August
Bacchus 24 Virgo conjunct Psyche 24 Virgo
Mercury 7 Virgo conjunct Vesta 7 Virgo
Sunday 6th August
Bacchus 28 Virgo opposite Chiron 28 Pisces
Monday 7th August
Bacchus 28 Virgo conjunct Proserpina 28 Virgo
Friday 11th August
Mercury 11 Virgo conjunct Vesta 11 Virgo
Sunday 13th August
Mercury stations retrograde 11 Virgo
Tuesday 15th August
Vesta 13 Virgo opposite Neptune 13 Pisces
Saturday 26th August
Apollo 13 Virgo opposite Neptune 13 Pisces
Sun 3 Virgo conjunct Mercury 3 Virgo


Libra the scales is associated with the ‘different but equal’ chemistry that exists between yourself and your former, current or potential partner. The partnerships are typically marriage or common-law marriage, but they can be working partnerships too. Libra also rules enemies, opponents and rivals. You can see why, as so many sexual relationships involving a third party being left behind, or standing on the outside! At the same time, people separate and divorce, so ‘my one true love’ becomes the enemy. The Libra weather in August (check to see if your chart factors in Libra are at the same degree, or within one degree) is very much about momentous bridges to cross. It’s now or never, with a choice that affects the scales of balance, fairness and equality.

Friday 4th August
Jupiter 17 Libra square Pluto 17 Capricorn
Thursday 10th August
Bacchus 1 Libra opposite Salacia 1 Aries
Sunday 13th August
Vulcano 28 Libra opposite Uranus 28 Aries
Monday 14th August
Proserpina 1 Libra opposite Salacia 1 Aries
Sunday 27th August
Jupiter 21 Libra sextile Saturn 21 Sagittarius
Monday 28th August
Bacchus 16 Libra opposite Cupido 16 Aries


We associate Sagittarius with the worldwide web, beliefs of all kinds (from astrology to religious groups and cults), travel, foreign people and places, knowledge and education, academia and the big picture. Saturn stands still in this sign on 25th August. This is a real moment of truth if you have factors at 20, 21, 22 Sagittarius. Everything is still such hard work but you are learning.

Friday 25th August
Saturn stations direct 21 Sagittarius


Capricorn is associated with achievement, success, ambition, social climbing, position, status and people at the top. Capricorn the mountain goat climbs carefully and patiently to the peak and then has to figure out how to stay there. If you have Capricorn placements at these degrees (allow one degree’s difference) then August brings substantial decisions about your goals and role.

Friday 4th August
Juno 4 Capricorn opposite Venus 4 Cancer
Pluto 17 Capricorn square Jupiter 17 Libra
Tuesday 15th August
Pluto 17 Capricorn opposite Venus 17 Cancer
Friday 18th August
Ops 20 Capricorn opposite Venus 20 Cancer
Sunday 20th August
Diana 23 Capricorn opposite Venus 23 Cancer
Monday 21st August
Pluto 17 Capricorn opposite Ceres 17 Cancer
Monday 28th August
Ops 20 Capricorn opposite Ceres 20 Cancer
Tuesday 29th August
Juno 2 Capricorn conjunct Hygiea 2 Capricorn


Aquarius is the sign which rules groups and friendships. The water-bearer we associate with this zodiac sign is based on the real Roman ‘Aquarius’ who supplied Rome with water. This fed the communal baths, which in turn fed the community. The idea of co-operation, collaboration and circles of friends and acquaintances is what this sign is all about. We have some unforgettable and powerful patterns in Aquarius this month. Is your chart affected? Do you have placements at these degrees, or within one degree of being exact? Major choices and breakthroughs involving your group are coming, within 24-72 hours of these dates.

Monday 7th August
Full Moon. Moon 15 Aquarius opposite Sun 15 Leo. (Partial Lunar Eclipse)
Wednesday 9th August
Panacea 17 Aquarius opposite Sun 17 Leo
Sunday 13th August
Aesculapia 20 Aquarius opposite Sun 20 Leo
Monday 14th August
Panacea 16 Aquarius opposite Mars 16 Leo
Wednesday 16th August
South Node 24 Aquarius opposite Sun 24 Leo
Saturday 19th August
Aesculapia 19 Aquarius opposite Mars 19 Leo
Sunday 27th August
South Node 24 Aquarius opposite Mars 24 Leo


2 thoughts on “Transit Watch – August 2017

  1. Hi Tara

    I would love for you to look the factors in my chart and I hope for the second time that I am posting in the correct place. LOL!!!

    I have the following factors in my 0Aires chart:
    Ceres 21 in Pisces
    Neptune 20 Capricorn
    Ops 22 Aquarius
    Salacia 21 Capricorn
    Mars 21 Capricorn
    Mercury 22 Capricorn
    Vulcano 21 Capricorn
    Sun 20 Sagittarius
    Neptune 20 Scorpio

    My current challenges are to start a spiritually based business (I do holistic therapies) and to leave a long term relationship, oh and I want to return to school, to acquire additional skills to help with above business and I’ve also got Saturn in my planet, amongst other things. Current energies make me feel emotionally ready to start, however my physical reality shows that i’m not, so I know on that level there is work to do. A look at my chart and your insight would be appreciated.

    I’m also loving the “new look” format, works better for me.

    Many thanks


    • Hi Jenni.
      And sorry for the delay in responding.
      Your 10th house or house of Capricorn is lit up like a neon sign.
      In looking at your Solar Sign (sun on the 1st house), these transits across your 10th house have to do with a profound change in terms of what you consider to be your work, status, ambition and beliefs on social status.
      You must keep in mind that Pluto is in Capricorn. His transit started back in 2008 and will continue until 2024. So in effect, you have a very long time to work on this.
      The 10th house is not merely about your working career, but represents your highest spiritual ambition…in other words, what “legacy” do you wish to build and what do wish to leave behind. You have often heard me say, that for some people it is the big house, yacht and corner office whereas for others, it could be their charity work or friends. Only you can decide what path you take and what it means to you.
      Capricorn (10th house) is opposite Cancer (5th house)…and this means that there will be some challenges as you try to find the balance between “work & play”.
      The 5th house represents courtship, lovers, babies, children, junior demographics and royalty. It is the house of creative self-expression, creative work and joy.
      How do you find the balance between doing what is your soul’s work, but still be “true” to the concept of finding joy within the context of relational issues between children, children’s groups, lovers – past/potential/future and those lovers that can either get you pregnant or have children from previous relationships.
      Yes, you do have transiting Saturn in your sign, but natally, you have Saturn in Pisces and if you saw the last opening reading, then this should have alerted you to how this aspect plays out for you. You can also do a search for the Saturn in Pisces or Saturn in the 12th house.

      Bottom line is this: you are being given an opportunity to completely tear down (Pluto in Capricorn) those old structures that no longer work for you and rebuild them bigger and better. The opposition of Cancer/Capricorn, will bring up challenges for you to find your most authentic self within the context of joyful relationships and work/ambition. If you want to go back to school and expand your business, but feel as though your current partner is not supportive of you in these endeavors, then you have a choice to make. I would advise that you go slowly and take it one step at-a-time.
      But here’s the best news, you have Uranus 19 Virgo, Pluto 18 Virgo, Minerva and DS at 10 Virgo – all in your tenth house.
      Virgo is all about work,service and duty to others, but also work, service and duty to ourselves. The Mind-Body-Spirit connection and in Virgo looking at the details to see how things can work more efficiently.
      But Uranus is all about radical change….and within that radical change freedom can be found.
      So this is about finding a way to radically change your views/actions/behaviors concerning work/duty/service opposing those who either bring you joy/courtship/sex or how you find your creative self-expression.

      In the 5th house you have AS 10 Pisces, Saturn 11 Pisces, Chiron 18 Pisces and Ceres 21 Pisces.
      These are all powerful aspects and they are trying to give you the opportunity to not only trust your own wisdom in terms of your life path, but also give you the wisdom to figure out how/what/who you should compromise with and about.

      Virgo and Pisces are the opposite axes, and oppositions are always challenging. It is up to you to figure out your way to resolve these.
      Minerva in the 10th house though says wisdom and counsel is yours to be had if you choose it, but that you can also find wisdom from others who may have been or are in the same situation as yourself. If Minerva manifests as a woman, she will be wise, educated, strong.

      Having Saturn in your First house of self is all about the illumination of self: who are you? what do you project out into the world that comes back to you?
      How do you wish to be seen? What does your physical appearance say about you and is it time to review/change that? Do you need to update your work/online profiles? What is your reputation?

      We know that the outside is not more important than the inside, yet, if the inside is not shining brightly, the outside will also be dim.
      Go back and read your Roman Gods e-book. Look closely at what the asteroids mean and look closely at what house your asteroids sit in.
      It may take you a while to see the pattern, but if you keep at it, you will see it.
      Once you can see it, you can identify it, and then you can make the right decision for you on what to do.

      I hope this helps 🙂

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