Weekly Horoscopes – August 7th-14th, 2017.



Uranus Rx Station August 3, 2017
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On August 3rd, 2017, Uranus stationed (stands still) retrograde 28 Aries.  If you have Aries factors, then this is your first house of self, self-promotion, profile, reputation and branding.  Uranus going retrograde in this house (Natural House or 0Aries system) means that even though ME is very important, it’s also good to take reassess, review and maybe even re-work your approach to others.

Jupiter square Pluto
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August 4th, 2017 brings us the big Jupiter square Pluto aspect. This aspect continues from 2017 into 2018. This configuration started back in November of 2016, with the August 2017 aspect being the last of three EXACT squares.

I mention these two aspects because they involve three of the outer planets. The outer planets orbit at a slower rate and thus when they make patterns or aspects, they “effects” are longer lasting.

ALSO: August is a VERY BUSY month astrologically, so I will post the transit watch here.  You will MOST DEFINITELY want to check your chart against the listed factors


Last week may have brought up concerns or issues surrounding your property zone – , as it is ruled by Cancer and it is in Cancer that we find Ceres. Ceres is all about sharing and control. How can do you divide up your space – no matter if your home is really your office or if you are sharing space with a partner or roommate. Having Jupiter in the Libra or your 7th house, means that a balance needs to be struck.
Monday, August 7th the Full Moon eclipse, might bring up questions about any transactions you might have between you and them, but Saturday, August 12th will be crucial for some of you. In some instances, this might be about a marriage, divorce or even a business partnership. But you’ve had Minerva in your 8th house of joint property, joint finances, tax payouts, inheritances, etc, and she says that wisdom can be found in this situation. Venus (bonding) has just moved into Cancer as well, so this could mean trying to find the beauty and harmony in justice, or trying to justify the beauty and harmony.
This could go either way with the Wheel of Fortune. Just remember that with Uranus stationing retrograde in your sign you’ll want to take into consideration how this will all look.


Beginning August 4th, the theme for you will be about healing – whether you are getting the healing or offering it to others.
The Jupiter transit across your 6th house of body, health, work, service and duty are the main themes for you. For some of you this may require that you search far and wide to find the answers you seek on how best to incorporate all the messages you may be receiving about work, sleep, eating and praying and if you find that you maybe feeling thwarted a bit, look to Vulcan to maintain your willpower, self-control, confidence and faith. And if you find that you feel a bit lacking, look to your friends and groups to help you sort through it all.


You are being given an opportunity to start over, yet with the Jupiter-Pluto square you might not know exactly how to do this or may feel that you need help. You are also aware that your ruler Mercury is due retrograde August  14th, into Virgo which rules your home, homeland, property, family, personal foundations. For some, this might seem like an inconvenient time, but instead of lamenting the slow down, take your time, think things through and ultimately, you’ll reach the conclusion that you need. When you do, you can bask in the knowledge that you did it yourself and then you can move on to the next big thing.


You may have been struggling with the concept of home – who/what feels like home to you. But your sign is also about nurturing, family and children and the generation 20+years behind you. Having Ceres and Venus in your sign can make this all feel like big-time emotion. One thing you should keep in mind Cancer is that sometimes, its not about the actual place or person. You have the ability to carry your home with you no matter who/what seems unclear. This becomes very important as you have Aesculapius in your 8th house of other people’s money, business and relating. Fortuna in your 1st house says that if you’ve had let go of something or someone, don’t take it personally. Fortuna is like the Wheel of Fortune in the Tarot, so when one door closes, another opens. Aesculapius is promising a return of someone/thing or situation and this could be where Fortune smiles on you in your ability to pack light and take “home” with you.


Dear Leo, you start the week with Mercury in your 2nd house and Pluto in your 6th house – thus this could be the week you are singing “I got my mind on my money and my money on my mind”. For you, this about being able to skillfully and magnanimously use those Leo leadership abilities and get stuff done! What really stands out in your chart are the patterns across your 7th house of partnership and equality. In this house we find the True South Node, Aesculapius and Panacea. So what this means is that in order for you to really step into your bad-ass leadership role, you’re going to need to get a better relationship with your body. Normally, we associate Leo with lovers, sex and courtship, but the transits across your 7th house are all about YOU – how you strut, how you look when you strut and making sure that you do look good when strutting. You can still find joy, pleasure and happiness flying solo.


This 2nd week of August finds your ruling house filled with many factors. Here we find Panacea, True South Node and Aesculapius all in the sign of Aquarius. Being that this is the sign in which the Lunar Eclipse takes place, this will be about your friends, groups, clubs, teams and organizations but equally, your 11th is ruled by Cancer and it is here we find Venus, Ceres and Fortuna. This all spells erratic and confusing situations and just when you think you’ve sunk low, you will be brought again. And if you find yourself at a high, you will come round to a low. the best advice that can be given during a cycle like this is to do what you do best: stay grounded, keep it real and focus on the small details.  Mercury 10 Virgo retrograde in your sign shouldn’t be too difficult.


Libra, we find your 5th house with all the action as your fifth house is all about babies, lovers and children. For you however, your 5th house ruler is Aquarius and this is where we find the full moon eclipse and also the True South Node. So this is not a process that can be rushed. For many of you this will be occurring against the backdrop of a full Capricorn 4th house so this is about your home, apartment, house, hometown or homeland. If you have yet to make a decision about this you have up until 21 August, after which time, I think something wonderful might present itself.


Scorpio, Saturn in your 2nd house has been a long, hard lesson but if you’ve been putting your nose to the grindstone, the there may yet be rewards. I do feel that for some of you, this has been about something hidden behind the scenes though as Libra (and may Scorpios have Libra factors) is the sign behind yours. For some of you, this might be a legal issue that has been dragging on, but I dare say that near the end of August, you might be able to call this over. In the meantime, if things aren’t moving like you’d like them to, get proactive and do the necessary work. If not, nothing will change.


Sagittarius, having Saturn sitting in your house of self and being retrograde as well, I’m sure has been no picnic. There is glimmer of hope in that Lunar Eclipse will be in your 3rd house of communications, sales, speaking, writing and short journeys and two weeks after that the Total Solar eclipse will fall in your 9th house. If you’re still feeling stuck, look to those friends, groups and networks that lie far away from you. You may need to look travel farther or relocate as what you thought was over could make a comeback. If this happens, make sure to use Ceres, Venus and Fortuna in your house of relating, property and business. If you can do this, you just might be able to see that everything old is new once again.


Capricorn, at this moment, you might thinking of traveling or moving or you could even be heavily influenced by someone else who is also looking at a map and having Uranus station retrograde in your fourth house isn’t helping! It could all add up to wanderlust or itchy feet. If this describes you, the a few words of advice now: Do your Capricorn best to stay focused on your plans, courses, concepts or projects as August 14th, Mercury will retrograde into your house of foreigners, the world wide web, higher education and long distance travel. Not to mention the August 21st total eclipse when you will not have the full the story.


The month starts with your ruler Uranus, coming to a standstill over your 1st house of self. For some of you, it might even feel as though your brain has shutdown or worse – you might feel stifled and hemmed in. Instead of focusing on that, try focusing on your zone of property, business and finances as you will have a wide open space for negotiations and discussions. And I would also suggest that if you have not focused on this area much, that give it due attention as May 2018 will mean radical change for you. This change will cut across your zone of home, family and property and it has the potential to revolutionize your life. Right now, you might be dealing with people or organizations who are stuck or slow moving in terms of paper work or discussions, and the Mercury retrograde will not help.


If you wish a brand new beginning in your zone of success, position and ambition and you need to cut out someone or something, then this is your chance. But you have to get proactive about it, and reach for the dream and if you don’t get serious about it, you might miss this chance. You have Saturn passing over you MC and this occurs only once EVERY 29 YEARS! So if this is about higher education, a job promotion, a job, career or business goal…hop to it.

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