What is an Akashic Records Reading Anyway?


In this session, I can discover the following and then clear any blocks, restrictions, obstacles that prevent you from accessing your Divine Nature:

  • Your Divine Gifts and Energy Center (this tells you what abilities and gifts you bring into this lifetime, from past lives and how you can share these gifts with others).
  • What soul level lessons you have completed in between incarnations and how these may affect you now.

  • Your Soul Group origin and Soul Specialization.

  • Identify your Spirit Guides (and yes, we all have them)

  • Remove any ghosts, poltergeists or Earthbound spirits that may be attached.

  • Any past life/karmic connections, soul contracts, negative thought forms, vows, spells, curses, bindings, pacts, negative astral travel, energetic blocks/damage that may be preventing you from aligning to your Highest Spiritual growth.

  • Identify, clear and release any other Soul level blocks and restrictions that may be hindering you from your true Soul’s purpose.


  1. I CANNOT conduct a reading without anyone’s express permission, so please do not ask.  Each client must provide me with permission to enter into their records.

  2. Although I may be able to help identify any physical issues being experienced, I DO NOT CONDUCT SPECIFIC HEALTH READINGS.  You must consult a physician or other health professional with any & all health issues you may be experiencing.

  3. All information received from the Records are confidential and cannot be discussed with anyone else, unless given express permission.

If you think you might be interested in an Akashic Records Reading, you can find the consultation form here.

I do hope to read with you :_

Namaste _/\_