• Hi Cindy!
    No worries on how you posted the testimonial….I’m just happy you did and very humbled by your words…so THANK YOU!!!
    Tara a month ago 1
  • Forgive me Tara but I don’t know how to add to my original review. I wanted to share with our fellow travelers that all my life I felt alone and afraid. After Tara did the Soul Realignment/Clearing, I now know without a doubt that I am no longer alone and I am definitely not afraid anymore. This is priceless for me.
    Love, Light and Deuces!   
    Cindy a month ago 2
  •    I want to write a review that will actually help those who are reading the reviews because they are undecided. I was once here doing exactly that. I was looking at the fact that I had tried everything else and here I was the crazy one, once again contemplating doing something that I really didn’t know if it would work or not and it is a lot of money (for me). Call it insanity, desperation, a higher power, “whatever!” but I decided to do it and I prayed like hell that it would do the trick. I will be honest with you, between the time I made the first payment and the time I got the profile report I doubted that this would work many times. But when Tara delivered the report via the presentation, dear hearts, I have no words that can truly express what happened. Yes, I have done a “isht” load of past life regression work with some very well known folks (hey, don’t judge me, I was a spiritual junky:)) I have had very well known teachers and been part of many organizations/groups but this “isht” right here is a different kind of party. Dear hearts, please hear me, this is “different”! About the cost, it was a major concern for me as well but I promise, you will understand when you do the presentation with Tara why it is a lot of money. This is that good stuff that will change your life! Seriously, I thank God for Tara, I’m so very glad I found her. If cost is still a factor, take advantage of the payment plans. You deserve this!
    Cindy a month ago 2
  • Hi Dora!
    There is now a donate button on the front page of the site.
    Thank you so much for your inquiry
    Tara 2 months ago 0
  • how do i donate?
    dora 2 months ago 0
  • I have been trying to heal a reoccurring issue in my life through Shamanism and prayer for years. I was unable to see what the issue was connected to, making it impossible to unravel from my life. I have over the years, consulted other practitioners and healers about this issue, however never receiving a resolution, until I connected with Tara. Through her use of the Ackashic records, I have finally come to see what the issue is attached to, and will now be able to resolve this Karmic issue and to heal it! Finally it all made sense! I am so full of gratitude to Creator, for answering my prayer through Tara and her wonderful gift! Thank You Tara,Love and Blessings,Coyote Sue
    Coyote Sue 2 months ago 1
  • Hi Tara,you are simply one of the best,very empathetic and i also thought your Akashic was very expensive, you help me out by doing my Akashic reading without charging anything extra, you did it due to my current circumstances,no one does that in fact they charge more money to help you cause you are going thru problems and they take advantage of the situation, that what make you a different and blessed by the almighty. your reading were accurate, i just hope to get out of current issues and able to pay your full fees. that will a day of joy for me. thank you will be small words for your deeds.
    chandan 2 months ago 1
  • Hello Tara and Fellow Travelers! I was blessed and fortunate to get a reading with Tara when she offered the pay what you can afford special last month. Let me just tell y’all I didn’t expect to get all that I got, cause a Sista didn’t have much $$ to donate. But Lawd, Tara is everything! Everything generous, sincere and accurate beyond anything I could have imagined. Interestingly enough, my first two cards out were the 6 of cups and the Knight of wands. Now y’all don’t me and neither did Tara, but I have an Aires from my past that I have this strange connection to but things never worked out. So we’ve managed to remain some sorta friends. Now my reading wasn’t about that, nor did we talk about it. She just let me know that she(the Aires) was there. I say that to say, that Tara tunes into you unlike anyone I’ve ever known. She’s very direct and to the point. Her knowledge of the cards is immense. And I really believe she gave me the best reading of my life. Not because she told me what I wanted to hear. But because she to me the absolute truth, which turned out to be exactly what I NEEDED to hear. Best investment I have made in a long time. Thank you Tara and I hope to read with you again sometime soon my sister…
    Kim 2 months ago 1
  • Hey!
    So glad this helped…
    Tara 3 months ago 0
  • Hi Tara!
    Love your new website!  Just wanted to update you on Akashic reading….even though I thought it was a bit pricey…it was well worth every cent!
    You said that there might be problems in the relationship after the clearing and you were right….it’s like we argued more. But after about a week, we started talking on a deeper level. This has given a whole different level of intimacy to our union…
    I wasn’t sure what I was buying, but I’m glad I did anyway…it was best money I ever spent
    NE 3 months ago 1




  1. I must say I had no idea what to expect and that Tara has far exceeded what I thought I would experience. The first day of the etheric cord cutting I felt very different as if maybe a weight had been lifted or actually just “clear”. In the days to follow, along with Tara being a wonderful source of encouragement mixed with her humor and wisdom, I began to stand in my truth and my power. Her presentation was so in-depth and insightful that it knocked my socks off. I had no idea she was this gifted. I would like to say that if you have been caught in a cycle of behavior or patterns that Tara is the one to assist you in cutting cords and truly getting to the root of things. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. You were actually the older (but not that old) and wise woman (le vecchia signora) at least for me in one of the readings who gave me more wisdom than I could have ever imagined. Tara you are a jewel!

    • Hi Tiffany!
      I’m so glad that you are experiencing and seeing the benefits from the Cord cutting but I can’t take all the credit.
      You did the homework and put in the sweat equity, so give yourself a HUGE PAT ON THE BACK!
      I know it was difficult, but you did it!
      BE PROUD!
      Keep me updated!

  2. Update by Cindy. It has not even been two months and everything has changed!
    Tara if ever you doubt your gift for one freaking minute, please remember me. You remember how I was when you met me, well that person does not live here anymore. I now have a brand new amazing life. I could not have dreamt this for myself, sometimes I still sit and just say “thank you” over and over. It’s so freaking amazing and hold on folks, it’s still unfolding. It feels like being in love but in love with life! Tara, Thank you so very much, I can’t believe I was crying over the cost, what I have gained is priceless.
    (I almost forgot, so much is happening, because I’m not blocked anymore. Tara, I have a new career….I am so freaking happy!)

    Forever grateful.

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